“Channeling Kardashian Chic: Jennifer Lopez Embraces Bold Lips, Oversized Aviators, and Denim Duo on Visit to Childhood School”

Written by Shyam Dodge on MailOnline
Published: 15:11 EDT, September 18, 2014 | Updated: 17:36 EDT, September 18, 2014
Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian are close pals, with Khloe even joining Jennifer’s 45th birthday celebration earlier this year. It comes as no surprise then, to see Jennifer rocking a trendy double denim look, bold lipstick, and oversized aviator sunglasses, taking style inspiration from her fashionable friend. The multi-talented star was photographed on Thursday taking her twin children Max and Emme, both aged six, to her former elementary school in New York. So stylish!

Stepping out: Jennifer Lopez spotted taking her two children Max and Emme to her old school in the Bronx, on Thursday

Jennifer Lopez was seen out and about, taking her two kids, Max and Emme, to visit her old school in the Bronx. The singer and actress rocked a pair of tight skinny jeans, tall stiletto heels, and a stylish denim shirt. She topped off her look with a messy yet chic updo and trendy reflective sunglasses, channeling some serious Khloe Kardashian vibes. While in the Bronx, JLo also made a pit stop at the Kips Bay Boys And Girls Club to catch up with an old friend and share a big hug.

Kopycat: The 45-year-old looked to have ripped a page out of her friend Khloe Kardashian's book

Kopycat: The 45-year-old looked to have ripped a page out of her friend Khloe Kardashian's book

Copycat: The 45-year-old seemed to have taken inspiration from her friend Khloe Kardashian.

Getting herself ready: The actress turned pop star prepared to show her children where she spent her youth

Preparing herself: The entertainer, who transitioned from acting to singing, was getting ready to take her kids on a trip down memory lane to visit the places from her childhood.

Double denim: The star sported a matching outfit for the day

The celebrity rocked a coordinated double denim look for their day out.

Hanging out: She looked to be in an easygoing mood while taking a break

Chilling: She seemed relaxed while enjoying a moment of downtime. Her twins were dressed casually, with little Max wearing a checkered shirt, cargo pants, and sneakers. Emme rocked gold high tops, white denim, and a burgundy top, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. The presence of camera crews hinted that the event might be shown on TV later. In July, Khloe posted a picture from JLo’s birthday bash with the caption: ‘She owned the night last night!!! Happy birthday @jlo’.

Saying hi: JLo held her daughter's hand as she greeted some friends

Saying hi: JLo held her daughter's hand as she greeted some friends

Giving a warm hello, JLo walked hand in hand with her daughter while saying hi to a group of friends.

Come in! The singer got a warm welcome at her old stomping grounds

“Welcome back! The singer received a heartfelt greeting when she returned to her familiar turf.”

This will be televised: A camera crew was on hand to film the day

This event will be broadcasted on TV: A team of cameramen were present to capture the day on film.

Hugging it out: JLo embraced an old friend at the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club

Giving a warm hug to a long-time friend, JLo showed support for the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. However, her recent schedule hasn’t been all smooth sailing. Reports suggest that JLo was fashionably late, arriving five hours behind schedule for the video shoot of her song Stressin’. The shoot was planned in two different locations, with JLo finally making it to the set at 2 p.m instead of the scheduled 9 a.m. The team didn’t reach the Bronx location until 9 p.m, causing some delay in the filming process alongside rapper Fat Joe.

Hands on mother: The dancer and performer held onto Max as she walked out of her old school

Hands on mother: The dancer and performer held onto Max as she walked out of her old school

Mom who is actively involved: The dancer and performer tightly grasped onto Max’s hand as she stepped out of her former school.

Cuddle bugs: The star was flanked by her children as she was filmed outside of the youth centre

Snuggle buddies: The celebrity stood between her kids while being recorded outside of the youth facility.

Here you go: The mother-of-two picked up one of her tots as she chatted with her old pal

The mother of two lovingly scooped up one of her little ones while catching up with an old friend. On a different note, Jennifer’s former husband Cris Judd recently spoke out about their brief marriage that lasted from 2001 to 2002, as reported by Us Weekly. At the 2014 Industry Dance Awards in Hollywood, the 45-year-old dancer and choreographer reminisced about their extravagant wedding. Recalling the event, Cris described it as a circus, with people attempting to sneak in and causing chaos. He also shared insights on adjusting to a loss of privacy, noting that embracing it rather than fighting it can lead to a smoother transition. Trying to maintain privacy can be overwhelming and may even lead to a breakdown, he added.

Feeling nostalgic? The star sat down and appeared to reminisce about her childhood

Feeling a wave of nostalgia, the celebrity took a seat and seemed lost in memories of her younger days.

For the cameras: Her son tried to get her attention as she embraced an old pal

In front of the cameras: While she was catching up with an old friend, her son attempted to catch her eye.

Representing: The star wore a cap with the logo for Kips Bay

The celebrity sported a baseball hat featuring the emblem of Kips Bay.

Gal pals: Khloe Kardashian Instagrammed a snap with J-Lo, bathed in a blue glow, writing, 'She served it last night!!! Happy birthday @jlo'

Besties: Khloe Kardashian shared a picture on Instagram with J-Lo, glowing in a blue light, captioning it, ‘She slayed last night!!! Wishing you a happy birthday @jlo’

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