Exploring Dubai with Jenny: Jennifer Lopez, 48, flaunts her toned physique in a dazzling Versace bra while accompanying Alex Rodriguez on their adventure in the United Arab Emirates

Jennifer Lopez never does things by halves. At the Air Show Gala in Dubai, the 48-year-old star put on a show in a stunning Versace bra and leggings, going all out for the crowd. She had arrived in the city a few days earlier with her new partner, Alex Rodriguez.

So money: Jennifer looked amazing in a Versace bra as she performed in Dubai on Wednesday

Money talk: Jennifer Lopez dazzled in a stunning Versace bra during her performance in Dubai on Wednesday.

Tops: The Amor Amor Amor songbird was toned and tanned for the event

The charming songbird from Amor Amor Amor was all set for the event with her toned physique and sun-kissed skin. She appeared stunning on stage, flaunting her arms and abs in a stylish outfit. The Bronx native had her blonde hair partially tied up and accessorized with bold gold chains. She treated the audience to a mesmerizing performance, belting out some of her popular hits like Jenny From The Block.

Shine bright: She exuded a glorious glow under the spotlight with her ensemble that flaunted her sculpted arms and toned abs.

Glow for it: She looked radiant on stage in her outfit that showed off her arms and abs

There’s even more to admire about the Bronx native’s style – she rocked a hairstyle with her blonde hair partly tied back and accessorized with bold, chunky gold chains.

More to love: The Bronx-born beauty wore her blonde locks partially up and had on chunky gold chains

Impressive: During her performance, she treated the audience to some of her popular songs like Jenny From The Block. Recently, the singer posted a gorgeous picture from Dubai, showing off a glamorous backless dress with the caption “Oh hello…”. Meanwhile, Lindsay Lohan attempted to connect with the singer on Twitter, but it’s unclear if she succeeded.

Dazzling: She sang a number of her hits including Jenny From The Block

The mother of two strutted on stage with her stylish back-up dancers, flaunting a fabulous long coat in black and gold.

Snazzy back-up dancers: Here the mother of two wore a long black and gold coat

Lopez seems to always nail her photos, no matter what. Recently, the 48-year-old singer posted a breathtaking picture from Dubai, showing off a stunning backless dress.

Enjoying their time in Dubai, the World Of Dance judge was spotted in the company of her partner Alex Rodriguez and celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Lounging on the bed, the tempting siren showcased her Versace dress adorned with iconic Vogue magazine covers.

JLo shared her excitement for her upcoming concert in Dubai at the Autism Rocks Arena in a tweet on Friday. She also informed her followers on how to purchase tickets for the show. Lindsay, a fan who resides in Dubai, reached out to JLo on Twitter expressing her desire to connect with the singer while she is in town, but was unable to direct message her since JLo does not follow her on the platform.

Uncomfortable yet endearing: Lindsay Lohan hopes for a Twitter follow from JLo

Lindsay Lohan has started a new chapter in Dubai, while Jennifer Lopez, who has a massive following of 44 million on Twitter, is always on the move with multiple projects and kids to take care of. A source mentioned to DailyMail.com that Jennifer is constantly traveling, making it difficult for her to keep up with her Twitter account. With such a busy schedule, it’s understandable that she may not always be able to stay updated on social media. As for Lindsay and Jennifer’s relationship, it remains a mystery as to whether they are friends or not.

Getting down: Lopez hopped on social media to post a picture of herself dancing. In the caption, she excitedly announced, “Off to Dubai!! Jamming to my new track #AMORAMORAMOR ❤️ @dubaiairports #MustbeDXB.”

Delicious: Just before jetting off to Dubai, the stunning lady from the Bronx posted a picture of her mouth-watering brunch spread that could make anyone hungry. In another post, Lopez showed off her dance moves on social media, declaring their upcoming trip to Dubai with her new song #AMORAMORAMOR ❤️ @dubaiairports #MustbeDXB. The tantalizing brunch photo and the release of her hit song Amor Amor Amor have definitely set the stage for an exciting adventure ahead in Dubai.

Jennifer is in a relationship with the retired Yankees baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, as they were spotted together in September.

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