Exploring Jennifer Lopez’s Fabulous 50th Birthday Celebration: A Night of Glamour, Love, and Luxury with Alex Rodriguez and 250 VIP Guests at Gloria Estefan’s Star Island Miami Residence

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 50th birthday in a glamorous fashion, surrounded by 250 guests at a lavish gold-themed party. Among the attendees were her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, DJ Khaled, and Ashanti, who joined her in a night of festivities at Gloria Estefan’s luxurious $32million Star Island residence in Miami. A-Rod even surprised J.Lo with a brand new 2019 Porsche 911 GT3, driving her to the party in style. The event was hosted by PrettyLittleThing owner Umar Kamani, making it a truly star-studded affair.

Golden girl: Jennifer Lopez rang in her milestone 50th birthday in style, celebrating with a host of famous faces and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez at Gloria Estefan's Star Island home in Miami on Wednesday night. The bash was hosted by PrettyLittleThing owner Umar Kamani

Superstar Jennifer Lopez marked her 50th birthday with a fabulous celebration amongst close friends, family, and fiancé Alex Rodriguez at Gloria Estefan’s luxurious Star Island residence in Miami. The glamorous event was organized by PrettyLittleThing’s owner, Umar Kamani.

Party: Party: J-Lo looked incredible in a glittering gold gown as she cut her lavish gold cake made by Divine Delicacies Cakes in Miami

PDA: The On The Floor hitmaker planted a sweet kiss on her hunky fiance as they partied the night away

At the party, J-Lo stunned in a sparkling gold dress while sharing some sweet moments with Alex. She enjoyed a lavish gold cake from Divine Delicacies Cakes in Miami. Jennifer rocked a plunging gold outfit that highlighted her ageless beauty and fit physique. Standing out in her all-gold attire, she requested her guests to wear white. Her sequined skirt and bralet revealed her toned abs and gym-toned body, accompanied by edgy cross-body strap details. Sporting hoop earrings and a gold clutch, she tied her look together with a high ponytail that accentuated her flawless complexion and youthful appearance.

Centre stage: Jennifer and Alex took pride of place at the dinner table inside the palatial home, toasting her big birthday with a lavish dinner featuring 250 of her dearest friends

At the heart of the celebration, Jennifer and Alex were seated at the head of the dining table in their grand mansion, surrounded by 250 of Jennifer’s closest friends. They raised their glasses to toast her milestone birthday with a sumptuous feast.

Incredible as ever: Jennifer looked simply sensational in a plunging gold ensemble, showcasing her age-defying figure in the revealing number

Jennifer appeared absolutely stunning in a low-cut gold outfit, flaunting her timeless beauty and enviable physique.

Kiss: Jennifer looked overwhelmed with emotion as she blew a kiss to her pals - and suffered an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction

Oops! The star's glittering gold dress gaped open as she addressed her friends

Kiss: Jennifer’s heart was filled with emotions as she sent a kiss towards her friends, but her moment was interrupted by a wardrobe mishap.

Glamour: The birthday girl and Alex joined Lorena Cartegena , Ashanti, Fat Joe, Nicole Tuck and DJ Khaled for a glamorous snap

The birthday girl and Alex were all smiles as they posed for a fabulous photo with Lorena Cartegena, Ashanti, Fat Joe, Nicole Tuck, and DJ Khaled.

Living it up: Guests at the fabulous event featured a number of famous faces from the music industry, including Fat Joe, Ashanti and DJ Khaled

Having a blast: The amazing event was attended by several well-known music industry personalities, such as Fat Joe, Ashanti, and DJ Khaled. Everyone was seen soaking up the good vibes and enjoying themselves to the fullest.

It's another one! DJ Khaled was in his element as he courted attention around the dinner table, where he was joined by his wife Nicole Tuck (left)

DJ Khaled was his usual charismatic self, mingling with guests at the dinner table alongside his wife Nicole Tuck. The couple, who have been together since 2017 and recently got engaged, looked completely in love as they enjoyed the festivities.
J-Lo’s twins, Max and Emme, joined the party to celebrate their mother’s special day, along with Alex’s daughters Ella and Natasha from his previous marriage.
The guest list included music industry stars like Ashanti and DJ Khaled, who added to the excitement of the evening. Jennifer was the first to hit the dancefloor, showcasing her impressive dance moves alongside A-Rod.

Rapper Fat Joe - who collaborated with Jennifer on hit Hold You Down - was one of the guests of honour at the event

Performing for the crowds: He took to the DJ decks to duet with the birthday girl

Rapper Fat Joe, known for his collaboration with Jennifer on the popular song “Hold You Down,” was among the special guests at the party. He even jumped on the DJ decks to join the birthday girl in a duet.

Queen: Jennifer showed off her lithe legs in the thigh-split gown as she sat next to Alex on a golden seat

Queen Jennifer flaunted her slender legs in a gown with a thigh-high slit while seated next to Alex on a luxurious golden chair.

Banter: J-Lo looked delighted as she enjoyed a chat with Alex and DJ Khaled at the bash

Casual Conversation: J-Lo appeared joyful while engaging in conversation with Alex and DJ Khaled at the event.

Party on: DJ Cassidy, Ashanti, Fat Joe and DJ Khaled took to the DJ decks for the birthday girl

Let’s get the party started: DJ Cassidy, Ashanti, Fat Joe, and DJ Khaled hit the turntables to celebrate the birthday girl. A special treat was in store for the guests when they joined forces for an electrifying live performance that had everyone dancing and singing along.

Live music: Revellers were treated to live music, with the acts performing in front of huge 'JLo' lettering

Live music: Partygoers enjoyed live performances by various acts, with the stage set against a backdrop of oversized ‘JLo’ letters.

Special performance: DJ Khaled also showed off his moves as he entertained guests at the event

Natural born entertainer: The performer couldn't resist showing off his moves

An unexpected treat: DJ Khaled took the stage to charm the crowd with his skills while entertaining the guests at the party. To everyone’s delight, a stunning 10-tier cake adorned with edible flowers from Divine Delicacies Cakes in Miami was brought out for JLo, leaving her pleasantly surprised.

Raucous: What's Luv collaborators Fat Joe and Ashanti looked incredible as they got the party started

Lively: Fat Joe and Ashanti, who worked together on the hit song “What’s Luv,” looked absolutely stunning as they kicked off the festivities.

Wild night: The musical superstars got the crowd going as they celebrated J-Lo's milestone birthday

The music legends pumped up the audience during the exciting celebration of J-Lo’s special birthday event.

Musical moment: Fat Joe, DJ Cassidy and DJ Khaled wowed in their shimmering outfits on the night

Musical occasion: Fat Joe, DJ Cassidy, and DJ Khaled impressed everyone with their dazzling attire during the event.

Sweet treat: Jennifer was treated to a stunning nine-tier birthday cake, drench in gold and black icing

Delicious surprise: Jennifer received a magnificent birthday cake with nine layers, adorned with luxurious gold and black icing.

Hip-hop artist Fat Joe, known for his successful collaboration with Jennifer Lopez on the hit song Hold You Down, was one of the special guests at the event and even surprised everyone by taking over the DJ booth to perform a spontaneous duet with the birthday girl.

The extravagant party featured a lavish gourmet dinner adorned with elegant white orchid centerpieces. After dinner, the party moved to another room where guests hit the dance floor, with JLo naturally stealing the spotlight with her energetic moves, showing everyone how it’s done.

As the night progressed, the festivities moved outdoors for a spectacular view of the fireworks display lighting up the Miami sky above the water, providing a magical end to the unforgettable celebration.

All star line-up: The superstar was flanked by her famous friends for a special birthday singalong

Star-studded cast: The celebrity was joined by her well-known buddies for a unique birthday serenade.

R&B queen: Ashanti also took to the mic, joining forces with her fellow What's Luv? hitmaker Fat Joe

Rocking the mic: The singer looked incredible in an intricate beaded dress

Ashanti, the queen of R&B, grabbed the mic and teamed up with Fat Joe, her collaborator on the hit song “What’s Luv?”
A lavish celebration: According to Page Six, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘gold themed’ party is set to take place at the residence of Gloria and Emilio Estefan, with around 250 guests expected to be in attendance.

Date night: DJ Khaled abided by the all white dress code as he arrived alongside his wife Nicole Tuck

On their night out, DJ Khaled showed up in a pristine all-white outfit, perfectly complementing his wife Nicole Tuck who also followed the dress code.

Family: A-Rod - who popped the question to the Jenny From The Block star earlier this year - was seen at a table with Jennifer's son Max

Family: A-Rod, who recently proposed to the singer and actress Jennifer Lopez, was spotted sitting at a table with Jennifer’s son, Max.

Soon to be step-daughters: Alex's daughters Ella, 11, and Natasha, 14, his daughters were snapped taking a photo together

Alex’s soon-to-be stepdaughters, Ella (11) and Natasha (14), were seen posing for a photo together during a party held at Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s luxurious $32 million Miami home. Interestingly, the Estefans’ residence happens to be right next to a property owned by Lopez’s ex, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. According to a source, the Estefans have two homes – one for living and another as a guest house where they like to host parties. This particular party is believed to have taken place at the guest house, which boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a lovely courtyard. Back in April, it was revealed that the Estefans had listed their impressive 7,988-square-foot estate for sale.

Dinner date: The lavish mansion was decked out with gorgeous floral arrangements and candle centrepieces

Dinner rendezvous: The extravagant estate was adorned with stunning flower displays and flickering candle centerpieces.

Fireworks over the city: The party moved outside to view the big fireworks display that went off over the Mia

The gathering shifted outdoors to watch the impressive fireworks show lighting up the sky above Mia city.

Exclusive area: The luxe $32million residence owned by Gloria and Emilio Estefan borders a home owned by Lopez's ex, Sean 'Diddy' Combs

Luxurious property alert! Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s impressive $32 million residence is located next to a home owned by Jennifer Lopez’s former partner, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs. It’s all about prime real estate in this exclusive area!

Up for grabs: It was reported in April that Grammy Award-winning musicians had put the incredible 7,988-square-foot estate on the market

Available for purchase: In April, there was news of Grammy Award-winning artists selling their stunning 7,988-square-foot property.

Guest house: The party is thought to have been held at the Estefans' guest home, which features three bedrooms, three bathrooms and its own courtyard

The event is believed to have been hosted at the Estefans’ guest house, which boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and its own enclosed courtyard. The main two-story residence offers stunning views of Biscayne Bay from its 58,332-square-foot garden and private dock. Well-known figures like Kim Kardashian and Billy Joel sent birthday wishes to the singer on social media. Kim’s post included photos of them together with the caption “Happy birthday queen.” A-Rod shared a heartfelt video montage of their family moments, expressing gratitude for her passion, energy, and dedication to excelling in all aspects of her life. He credited her with making every day feel like a special celebration since they have been together.

Friends: Fat Joe and his wife Lorena were seen arriving to the party earlier in the evening in a Rolls Royce

Buddies: Fat Joe and his spouse Lorena pulled up to the party in style, showing off their arrival in a sleek Rolls Royce earlier that evening.

Prized possession: A-Rod drove the pair to the party in the new convertible Porsche he gifted the star for her birthday

Most treasured item: A-Rod brought the couple to the event in the brand-new Porsche convertible he gave his partner as a birthday gift.

Decor: Earlier in the day, staff were seen setting up for the lavish party, hanging giant golden balloons around the grounds

The decorations were being painstakingly arranged for the extravagant celebration, with staff placing oversized golden balloons throughout the venue earlier in the day.

A source told Page Six : 'There are two homes. One is where [the Estefans] live, and the other is a guest house where they like to throw parties. It’s actually next to Puffy’s house'

According to a confidential insider, the Estefans have two houses – one being their primary residence and the other serving as a guest house for hosting parties. Interestingly, the guest house is situated right next to Puffy’s house.

Star Island: The main two-story abode comes with a 58,332-square-foot gardens overlooking Biscayne Bay, as well as its own private dock

Star Island features a spacious two-story residence with 58,332 square feet of beautiful gardens that offer stunning views of Biscayne Bay. Additionally, the property comes with its very own private dock.

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