“Glowing Under the Sun: Kendall Jenner Radiates in Stylish Bikinis from Exclusive Collection, Unveiling Chic Designs at Luxe Beverly Hills Getaway”

This month, Kendall Jenner has landed a new modeling gig. The 25-year-old star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians is now the face of a special 72-hour capsule collection with the German online retailer About You. Kendall, who is the sister of beauty tycoon Kylie Jenner, recently shared some stunning images from the campaign on Thursday. One photo shows her rocking an orange bikini at a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion.

New gig: Kendall Jenner has landed a new modeling campaign this month. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, 25, is the star of the limited-time 72 hour capsule collection with German online retailer About You

Exciting news alert: Kendall Jenner has just landed a new modeling gig this month. The popular reality TV star from “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” who is 25 years old, is the face of a special 72-hour capsule collection with the German online retailer About You. The collection will be officially launched on July 25, with a second release planned for later this year. “I’m thrilled for you to discover my exclusive @aboutyou styles. The sale starts on Sunday, July 25th and will only be available for 72 hours! #KENDALLforABOUTYOU,” shared Kendall, who is currently dating Devin Booker. She also mentioned that the collection she helped create is all about basics that can be easily mixed and matched.

In the 90210: On Thursday the siren - whose sister is cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner - shared images from the campaign. In one shot she makes the most of an orange bikini while at a Beverly Hills home

In the exclusive Beverly Hills neighborhood, the well-known socialite, who is famous for being the sister of cosmetics mogul Kylie Jenner, recently shared campaign photos on Thursday. One picture captures her sunbathing in an orange bikini at a luxurious Beverly Hills mansion. Other shots show Jenner by the pool, riding a bicycle and skateboard, and having fun with her dog Pyro at the extravagant mansion. The most captivating image features her in a stunning red evening gown next to a classic muscle car. Her participation in the campaign has received praise from industry insiders like Donald Schneider from the Donald Schneider Studio in Berlin, who orchestrated the collaboration with About You. He described Jenner as the epitome of a fashion icon and model in today’s world.

With her dog Pyro: 'Discover my exclusive @aboutyou styles. sale starting Sunday July 25th, only available for 72 hours! #KENDALLforABOUTYOU,' said the girlfriend of Devin Booker

Sharing a cute photo with her furry friend Pyro, the girlfriend of Devin Booker announced the launch of her special @aboutyou collection. The sale is scheduled to start on Sunday, July 25th and will only be open for 72 hours. Get ready to shop some exclusive #KENDALLforABOUTYOU styles!

Mix it up: She also said of the collection she influenced: 'I love basics. You can combine every piece in the drop as a mix and match'

She also shared her love for the collection she created by stating: “I have a soft spot for the essentials. You can pair any item in the collection for endless mixing and matching possibilities.”

Mark your calendar: The line will launch a on July 25 with a second planned for later this year

Save the date: The new line will be making its debut on July 25th, with a second release expected later this year. With a huge following of 174 million, her charisma and fashion sense make her a significant source of inspiration for the younger generation. The retailer is opting to go digital with a strong focus on Instagram, aiming to build anticipation and excitement around the collection. Julian Jensen, Director of Content at About You, stated, “Our aim is to generate buzz, a sense of urgency – that’s why we’re dedicating 70% of our media budget to the teaser phase and 30% to the launch phase.”

Red alert: The most striking shot of her is when she is in a red evening dress by a muscle car

Attire: The most captivating image of her features her in a stunning red gown next to a powerful muscle car.

Skater girl? The Vogue favorite was also seen with a white shirt, shorts and sneakers while sitting on a skate board

Do you know who loves to skate? The popular Vogue model was seen rocking a white shirt, shorts, and sneakers as she cruised around on her skateboard.

Code inside: The collection - with 11 styles landing this month - has been inspired by Kendall's style and favorite pieces. Each one numbered and featuring a special code including her November 3 birthday

The newest collection, featuring 11 styles launching this month, takes inspiration from Kendall’s personal style and favorite wardrobe pieces. Each item is individually numbered and includes a unique code that symbolizes her November 3 birthday. Schneider mentioned that authenticity was crucial in the creation of this collection, aiming to stay true to Kendall’s natural and real essence from the initial discussions onwards.

Hype it up: About You's director of content Julian Jansen added: 'Our goal is to create a hype, a fear of missing out — so we are spending 70 percent of the media budget on the teaser phase and 30 percent on the launch phase'

Get ready to be thrilled: Julian Jensen, the head of content at About You, has highlighted that their main goal is to spark excitement and instill a sense of urgency. They plan to allocate 70% of their media budget to the teaser phase and 30% to the actual launch phase.

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