Indulge and Empower: Jennifer Lopez Finds Comfort in Retail Therapy in New York City Following Mysterious Instagram Message about Breakup

For generations, going on shopping sprees after a breakup has been a common way to lift one’s spirits. Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez decided to see if it would work for her as well, especially with rumors circulating that her ex-boyfriend was hoping for a reconciliation. The 47-year-old was seen exiting Bonpoint in SoHo, NYC, sporting tight jeans that highlighted her curvy backside and muscular legs from her dancing career.

A mother's work is never done: On Saturday, Jennifer Lopez was spotted leaving the children's clothing shop Bonpoint in New York City's SoHo neighbourhood

A mother’s job is never-ending: Over the weekend, Jennifer Lopez was seen exiting Bonpoint, a store for kid’s clothes, in the bustling SoHo district of New York City.

When you got it: Her baby blue jeans accentuated her abundant derrière and toned dancer's legs

When she walked by, all eyes were on her. The way her baby blue jeans hugged her curvy backside and showed off her toned dancer’s legs was simply mesmerizing.

With her hair slicked back into a perfect high bun, it was clear that this mother of two was all about effortless style. And even though she appeared to have left the children’s store without any shopping bags, you couldn’t help but wonder if she had cleverly tucked away her purchases in her chic Christian Louboutin Paloma tote.

Her camel embossed leather combat boots perfectly matched her purse, creating a coordinated and sophisticated look. The addition of gold hoop earrings, rings, black cat eye sunglasses, and a gleaming watch added just the right amount of glamour to her ensemble.

As she made her way down Broadway, the singer known for her hit “Jenny From The Block” sported a white Sunshine Collective sweater decorated with illustrations of yellowing leaves. The sweater hinted at her toned midriff, giving off a casual yet stylish vibe.

Why so serious?: People confirmed Wednesday that the 47-year-old had broken up with her 29-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart

Why so serious? It was revealed on Wednesday that the 47-year-old celebrity has called it quits with her 29-year-old beau, Casper Smart. The two first started dating back in 2011, took a break in 2014, then got back together until their recent split. Reports suggest that she ended things with the dancer after he chose to attend UFC 202 over a benefit event in the Hamptons that she had invited him to. She has been busy filming the second season of her show Shades Of Blue in New York, while Smart reportedly hoped for a chance to work things out by visiting her in the city.

Clinging to hope: Her former backup dancer travelled to New York City this week to be with her, believing a reconciliation is possible

Holding onto hope: Her former backup dancer made a trip to New York City this week to be by her side, hopeful for a possible reconciliation. However, rumors suggest that his ex is determined to remain single, a notion Lopez seemed to support with an Instagram post she shared on Friday. Dressed in hair, makeup, and costume for Shades Of Blue, she posed in front of a graffiti wall created by the artist ‘UncuttArt.’ The words ‘PROTECT YO HEART’ stood out above a drawing of a heart. She emphasized the message in her caption, ending it with the hashtag ‘protect your heart.’

Rebuttal: On Friday, the Out Of Sight star posted a photo of herself standing before a pavement graffito that read 'PROTECT YO HEART'

Response: Last Friday, the actress from Out Of Sight shared a picture of herself in front of a street mural with the words ‘PROTECT YO HEART’ written on it.

The grind: The mother of two has been spending much of her time in New York filming the second series of her ABC procedural Shades Of Blue

The hustle: With two kids to take care of, she has been putting in long hours in New York shooting the upcoming season of her crime drama Shades Of Blue for ABC.

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