Jennifer Lopez flaunts her toned figure in figure-hugging leggings during another workout session

Jennifer Lopez never misses a day at the gym. The singer was spotted in New York City looking fabulous in her blue patterned yoga pants and white athletic top. With a big smile on her face, the 49-year-old superstar headed for another sweat session.

Another day, another workout! Jennifer Lopez hit the gym once again on Wednesday, turning heads in her curve-clinging blue leggings and long sleeve white shirt 

Jennifer Lopez didn’t let up on her fitness routine, hitting the gym once more with her signature style. Sporting blue leggings that hugged her curves and a crisp white long sleeve shirt, she definitely turned heads. Her sleek golden brown hair was styled in a high bun, allowing her glowing complexion to shine. Completing her workout look with white trainers, a chic black purse, and statement earrings, she managed to combine sporty and glam effortlessly. Despite being fully covered, her figure was still on display thanks to those skin-tight leggings. Jennifer’s dedication to her fitness regime is evident in her always stunning appearance, whether she’s rocking a bikini or a couture gown.

Best tressed! The Selena actress had her golden brown tresses scooped up into a high bun, allowing her radiant complexion to shine through

Looking fabulous! The Selena star elegantly pulled back her gorgeous golden brown locks into a chic bun, letting her glowing complexion take center stage.

If you've got it! Lopez worked the curve-clinging leggings and long-sleeve white shirt

Spotlight: It won't be long until Jennifer will be in the center of attention once again - but this time for her career

Lopez effortlessly rocked the snug-fitting leggings and a crisp white long-sleeve top.

Soon, all eyes will be on Jennifer again, but this time it’s for her impressive career achievements. She is set to receive the prestigious Michael Jackson Vanguard Award at the upcoming VMAs. Jennifer made a successful transition from acting to music, hitting platinum status with her first album “On The 6” in 1999. Since then, she has released a total of eight albums and earned four number one singles on the Billboard 100. Her record sales have totaled over 80 million worldwide, solidifying her status as a global music sensation.

Honored: The actress will be the recipient of MTV's highest accolade at this year's VMAs - The Michael Jackson Vanguard Award

Exciting news! This year at the VMAs, the actress will be receiving MTV’s most prestigious award, The Michael Jackson Vanguard Award.

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