“Jennifer Lopez Rocks Times Square: A Unique New Year’s Eve Celebration with Aerosmith’s Dream On in 2021”

Jennifer Lopez leveled up her status as a superstar with a powerful and emotional headlining show in Times Square, New York City on Thursday at the popular Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.
The 51-year-old performer took the stage right before the midnight ball drop, following a video that showcased her in a stunning blue Balmain dress traveling to Midtown on the subway.
J-Lo stood tall on stage in a magnificent all-white dress by Valentino Haute Couture, complete with a headpiece resembling a crystal ball for her unforgettable performance.

Headlining performance: Jennifer Lopez solidified her superstar status with a touching and rocking headlining performance from Times Square in New York City on Thursday during the annual Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC

In a stellar performance, Jennifer Lopez showcased her superstar status with a powerful show in Times Square, New York City, during the annual Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC. Singing her latest hit “In The Morning,” released in November, she dazzled the crowd as she tore off her jacket to reveal a stunning white pantsuit with bold shoulders. Addressing the limited live audience of cast, crew, and invited frontline workers due to the ongoing pandemic, J.Lo asked, “How are y’all feeling?” Celebrating the end of 2020, she exclaimed, “We made it! Seventeen minutes left!” Reflecting on her Super Bowl performance in February, she acknowledged that this New Year’s Eve was a unique celebration.

Rocking out: The 51-year-old singer rocked out while performing Dream On by Aerosmith

Getting into the groove: The singer, who is 51 years old, showed off their skills while performing a lively rendition of Aerosmith’s hit song, Dream On.

Good question: 'How y'all feeling?,' J-Lo asked after singing the song that was viewed live in-person only by cast, crew and some frontline workers invited to the New York City celebration held amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

J-Lo checked in with the crowd after performing, asking, “How’s everyone doing?” The song was performed live in New York City, with only the cast, crew, and a few frontline workers in attendance due to the ongoing pandemic.

Towering presence: J-Lo towered on a stage in an all-white, multi-tiered dress with a Valentino Haute Couture crystal-ball style full headpiece for her performance

Standing tall on the stage, J-Lo was a vision in an elegant, white multi-tiered dress paired with a stunning Valentino Haute Couture crystal-ball style headpiece for her performance. Reflecting on the challenges of the past year, Jennifer emphasized the importance of gratitude and cherishing each moment, as so many lives have been lost. With an emotional tone, she expressed a message of hope and resilience, encouraging everyone to live, love, and dance with joy. Jennifer mentioned that the next song she would perform was one she sang two decades ago, highlighting its relevance and significance in the present moment.

Dance again: 'So tonight, we're gonna live, we gonna love and we're gonna dance again. And we're gonna keep on dreaming,' Jennifer said with an upbeat attitude after noting the loss of 2020

Dance once more: “Tonight, we’re embracing life, love, and the joy of dancing all over again. We’ll keep on dreaming,” Jennifer declared enthusiastically, despite the setbacks of 2020. With a mix of emotion and energy, she performed a heartfelt version of Waiting For Tonight that seamlessly transitioned into a rocking rendition of Dream On by Aerosmith. Showing off her inner rockstar, J-Lo belted out the song’s powerful high notes as fireworks lit up the stage behind her. With a toss of her microphone stand, she exclaimed, “Let’s do this!,” ready to conquer the tune with her impressive vocals and undeniable stage presence.

Inner rocker: J-Lo showed her inner rocker as pyrotechnics exploded behind her and she tossed her microphone stand to the ground

Channeling her inner rockstar, J-Lo let loose as fireworks lit up the stage behind her, energetically tossing her microphone stand to the ground. The multi-talented artist then wowed the crowd with a performance of her 2012 hit “Dance Again,” showcasing her dance background with sultry squats, a smooth two-knee slide, and a grand finale complete with cascading confetti.

As the show came to a close, Jennifer excitedly greeted the audience, wishing everyone a “Happy New Year!” She later joined her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, as well as her 12-year-old twins Emme and Max, and his daughters Natasha, 16, and Ella, 12, for the iconic ball drop, bringing in the new year with her loved ones by her side.

Dance moves: She then performed her 2012 hit Dance Again and reminded everyone of her dancer background with sexy squats, a two-knee slide and a big finish with confetti dropping

The singer then wowed the audience with her 2012 hit “Dance Again” and showcased her expertise in dancing with seductive squats, a smooth two-knee slide, and an exciting finale as colorful confetti rained down on the stage.

Big finish: 'Happy New Year, everybody!,' Jennifer exclaimed at the end of her performance

Closing out her performance with a flourish, Jennifer joyfully declared, “Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!”

Thumb up: Former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez gave a thumb up while walking through Times Square

Thumbs up: A-Rod, the ex-New York Yankees player, was spotted giving a thumbs up while strolling through the bustling Times Square. Earlier, Jennifer and A-Rod were seen hand in hand in Midtown as she practiced for her upcoming performance. Jennifer looked stylish in an orange leopard-print coat paired with a black hoodie and sweatpants. Her tan boots had their laces untied, and she topped off her look with oversized brown sunglasses. Taking COVID-19 precautions seriously, Jennifer wore a simple pink face mask to cover her mouth and nose.

Headlining performer: Jennifer earlier arrived n a fur coat with boyfriend Alex Rodriguez for a rehearsal Thursday ahead of her headlining performance

Main performer Jennifer, accompanied by her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, arrived for a rehearsal wearing a fur coat. A-Rod kept cozy in a thick brown sweater and matching vest with black trousers, brown shades, and a black face mask. Earlier in the day, Jennifer looked stunning in a blue Balmain gown during a visit to Times Square.

Getting ready: The singer was spotted rehearsing in Midtown for her pre-midnight performance to ring in 2021

Preparation underway: The artist was seen practicing in Midtown for her upcoming performance just before midnight to welcome the arrival of 2021.

Bundled up: J-Lo bundled up in an orange leopard-print coat that she wore over a black hoodie and matching sweatpants while walking hand-in-hand with Alex, 45, in Midtown

Loose laces: J-Lo completed her outfit with tan boots with the laces undone and accessorized with large brown sunglasses

Wrapped in layers: J-Lo was seen in an eye-catching orange leopard-print coat, paired with a black hoodie and matching sweatpants, as she strolled hand-in-hand with her partner, Alex, 45, in the bustling streets of Midtown.

Mask on: The singer also covered her mouth and nose with a plain pink face mask amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Wearing a mask: The artist made sure to keep herself safe by wearing a simple pink face mask, covering both her mouth and nose, during the current COVID-19 situation.

Hair up: J-Lo had her hair up while rehearsing for her performance before the traditional crystal ball drop in Times Square

J-Lo opted for an updo while getting ready for her Times Square performance, with her hair styled in a sleek and elegant manner.

Gorgeous gown: Jennifer earlier was spotted in Times Square looking simply enchanting in a beautiful blue Balmain gown as she filmed ahead of her performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Beautiful dress: Earlier, Jennifer was seen in Times Square wearing a stunning blue Balmain gown as she prepared for her performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that there were no spectators at the celebrations in both Times Square and New Orleans, which were broadcast on ABC. Host Ryan Seacrest, 46, kicked off the show by summing up the past year as ‘different’ and emphasized the importance of following health protocols by holding up a face mask during the broadcast.

No crowds: The celebration in New York City was being held without public attendance due to the coronavirus pandemic

There were no crowds present at the New York City celebration, as it was being held without public attendance as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic.

One word: Longtime host Ryan Seacrest, 46, bundled up in a grey coat, black trousers and Taft boots as he opened the show with co-host Lucy Hale by describing the past year in a word as 'different'

In just one word, host Ryan Seacrest, who has been hosting for a long time at the age of 46, was seen wearing a grey coat, black pants, and Taft boots as he kicked off the show with Lucy Hale. He described the previous year with the word ‘distinct’.

Ryan donned a cozy grey coat, black pants, and stylish Taft boots as he was accompanied by Lucy Hale, who returned as the host for NYC at 31 years old, and Billy Porter, who previously hosted the New Orleans segment and is now 51. This year, Big Freedia, 42, took over hosting duties from New Orleans, while Ciara, 35, held it down in Los Angeles. The entertainment kicked off in Hollywood with 28-year-old Miley Cyrus delivering an energetic performance of her hit song “Party In The USA” from 2009.

Hollywood location: Miley Cyrus, 28, kicked off the entertainment in Hollywood with a spirited rendition of her 2009 song Party In The USA

In Hollywood, the energy was set by Miley Cyrus, 28, as she performed a lively version of her hit song “Party In The USA” from 2009.

Patriotic outfit: The pop star wore a patriotic leather jacket along with stars-and-stripes trousers and a black bralette while performing

Nationalistic attire: The singer donned a leather jacket featuring patriotic elements, paired with trousers adorned with stars and stripes, and a black bralette during her performance.

Flag theme: A giant US flag was behind Miley as she performed her party anthem

During her performance of the party anthem, Miley was backed by a massive American flag as a patriotic backdrop.

Masks on: Dancers in Hollywood wore faces masks amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Masks were a must for dancers in Hollywood as they took to the stage during the COVID-19 pandemic. One performer stood out in a patriotic leather jacket paired with stars-and-stripes pants and a black bralette. The audience, albeit small, joined in on the dancing while also wearing face masks. Nelly, who is 46 years old, got the crowd moving with his classic 2002 track “Hot In Herre” in Hollywood.

Getting hot: Nelly, 46, also performed his hit 2002 song Hot In Herre from Hollywood

Heating things up: Nelly, aged 46, rocked the stage with his classic 2002 hit “Hot In Herre” in Hollywood. joining him, Machine Gun Kelly, 30, made a stylish entrance to Times Square in an all-pink outfit before wowing the crowd with his guitar skills, performing energetic versions of “My Ex’s Best Friend” and “Bloody Valentine.” Meanwhile, Ciara not only hosted the event in Hollywood but also treated the audience to a dance mix of her latest track “Rooted,” which was released in August.

Guitar guy: Machine Gun Kelly, 30, was spotted arriving in an all-pink outfit ahead of his performance

Black mask: The singer wore a black face mask and a matching long black coat

Rock star: Famous musician Machine Gun Kelly, aged 30, was seen showing up in a bold, all-pink ensemble before hitting the stage for his show.

Pink power: The singer delivered an energetic performance in a pink outfit

Pink powerhouse: The performer lit up the stage with a vibrant and lively show in a striking pink ensemble.

Dance mix: Ciara not only hosted in Hollywood but also shared a dance mix of her new song Rooted that was released in August

During the event in Hollywood, Ciara not only served as the host but also treated the audience to a dance mix of her latest track “Rooted,” which came out in August.

En Vogue also graced the stage in Los Angeles, delivering a stellar performance of their popular song “Free Your Mind.”

US President-elect, Joe Biden, 78, and his wife Dr. Jill Biden, 69, made a virtual appearance alongside Ryan during the show. Ryan took the opportunity to ask Biden if he had a message for the essential and frontline workers present at the New York City event.

Hit song: En Vogue also hit the stage in Los Angeles and performed their hit song Free Your Mind

En Vogue rocked the stage in Los Angeles with their iconic song “Free Your Mind”. President-elect Biden praised the bravery of the people being honored, acknowledging the risks they took and the sacrifices they made. With regard to the coronavirus vaccine, both Biden and his wife encouraged Americans to get vaccinated, emphasizing its importance in keeping everyone safe. Jill Biden, who admittedly dislikes needles, reassured the public by sharing her own positive experience with the vaccine.

New president: US President-elect Joe Biden, 78, and his wife Dr Jill Biden, 69, also appeared remotely via video in a segment with Ryan

The President-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, along with his wife Dr. Jill Biden, made a virtual appearance in a segment with Ryan. Biden shared his thoughts and optimism for the upcoming year. He expressed his confidence in America’s potential, praising the hardworking individuals and the availability of vaccines. Biden emphasized the importance of stepping up to lead the nation and the world in overcoming challenges. Despite a failed attempt to pop confetti, he remained positive about America’s ability to bounce back and grow stronger than before.

Feeling optimistic: 'I'm more optimistic about America's chances than I've ever been and I've been around this for awhile. We have the most productive workers in the world. We've now found vaccines that are available and they're going to work, you just have to get a better way of getting more out there quicker,' Biden said

Feeling hopeful: “I am feeling more positive about the future of America than ever before, and I have been involved in this for quite some time. Our workers are the most efficient in the world. With the availability of effective vaccines, we now have a chance to turn things around. We just need to focus on distributing them faster and more efficiently,” commented Biden during the event.

The show also featured a lively performance by Doja Cat from Hollywood, who sang her hit songs Like That and Say So while sporting a stylish silver wig.

Megan Thee Stallion, 25, brought the energy to the stage in Hollywood with her song Savage, as the audience danced along with their face masks on. She later performed Body with a seductive choreography reminiscent of her popular music videos.

Additionally, Ciara from Los Angeles took a moment to express her gratitude to frontline workers for their dedication and hard work.

Silver hair: The broadcast also included Doja Cat from Hollywood performing her songs Like That and Say So looking festive in a short silver wig

Silver hair: The live show also featured a performance by Hollywood’s Doja Cat, rocking a sparkly silver wig while singing her hits Like That and Say So.

Rising star: Megan Thee Stallion, 25, also performed her song Savage in Hollywood where the audience grooved along wearing face masks

Up-and-coming sensation Megan Thee Stallion, aged 25, gave a lively performance of her hit song Savage in Hollywood, where the crowd danced along while wearing their face masks.

Dance moves: She later performed Body with sexy choreography reminiscent of her star-studded music video

During her performance, Ciara delighted the audience with her sultry dance moves in her song Body, which brought to mind the glamorous choreography from her popular music video. In a heartfelt shoutout, she expressed her gratitude to the staff at Seattle Children’s Hospital who took care of her son Win, as well as the doctors and nurses who helped them during a health scare in California. Ciara also took a moment to thank all the healthcare workers who are tirelessly working to keep us safe during the pandemic. Later, Nelly hit the stage in Hollywood to perform his classic track Country Grammar, which is now two decades old.

Healthcare workers: 'Quick shout out to our family at Seattle Children's Hospital. We love them so much. As well as the doctors and nurses who helped us with our little baby boy Win right here in California,' Ciara said referencing her five-month-old son with NFL quarterback Russell Wilson, 31

Shout out to the amazing team at Seattle Children’s Hospital from Ciara, who expressed her gratitude for the doctors and nurses who helped her son Win in California. Taylor Swift also joined in to send a message of appreciation to all the frontline workers who have made sacrifices to keep everyone safe this past year. Lewis Capaldi ended the night by performing his hit song Someone You Love, which has been streamed an impressive 1.6 billion times.

Longtime host: Ryan started the hosting the NYE celebration in 2005 and was back for another one

For many years now, Ryan has been the familiar face hosting the New Year’s Eve celebration since 2005, and he returned once again this year. Cyndi Lauper, aged 67, joined host Billy for a live duet performance of her hit song “True Colors” from 1986. Following the duet, she shared a heartfelt message encouraging everyone to stay united, before singing her inspirational 2019 single “Hope”. Miley transformed her look into a fierce black leather studded outfit for her second performance in Hollywood. She amazed the audience with a dynamic mashup of “Midnight Sky” and “Edge Of Seventeen”.

Live duet: Cyndi Lauper, 67, and host Billy teamed up for a live duet of her 1986 song True Colors

During a live performance, the legendary Cyndi Lauper, 67, shared the stage with host Billy for a duet of her iconic 1986 hit, True Colors.

Stick together: The singer shared a message urging people to 'stick together' before singing her uplifting 2019 single Hope

Stay united: The vocalist posted a heartfelt message encouraging everyone to stand together, then performed her empowering track “Hope” from 2019.

Studded leather: Miley changed into a black leather studded outfit for her second performance in Hollywood

Miley rocked a fierce black studded leather ensemble for her second show in Hollywood.

Strong mashup: The pop star delivered a smashing mashup of Midnight Sky and Edge Of Seventeen

Impressive crossover: The singer rocked the stage with a powerful blend of Midnight Sky and Edge Of Seventeen.

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