“JLo’s Cheeky Moment: Jennifer Lopez showcases her booty during lively game on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”

Using her behind to her advantage once again, Jennifer Lopez brought her famous Booty dance moves to a game of Catch Phrase while appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. This playful and entertaining moment showcased Lopez’s fun and lively personality, reminding everyone why she is a beloved entertainer.

Baby's got back and she knows how to use it: Jennifer Lopez pointed to her famous backside during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday

Jennifer Lopez proudly showcased her iconic booty during her recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, proving that she knows how to work what she’s got.

Ah-ha: The 45-year-old singer was using her derriere to help Fallon in a game of Catch Phrase

Ah, look at that! The 45-year-old vocalist was using her backside to assist Fallon in a lively round of Catch Phrase.

On display: Lopez was on The Tonight Show to promote her new movie The Boy Next Door

Featured on the program was Lopez who appeared on The Tonight Show to discuss her upcoming film, The Boy Next Door. During the show, J-Lo was on the same team as Fallon, while Anthony Mackie and Steve Higgins made up the opposing team. Lopez showed her competitive side by expressing her frustration that the other team had a head start. In a light-hearted manner, the singer, aged 45, jokingly admitted to Fallon, “I am not a fan of losing!”

She likes to win: The Bronx native was paired with Fallon while Anthony Mackie was partnered with Steve Higgins for the game

She’s all about winning: A Bronx native teamed up with Fallon, while Anthony Mackie paired up with Steve Higgins for the game.
The AKA singer and Fallon went head-to-head in three rounds of the game, with both teams scoring high.
In the final round, the key phrase was “Bottom Line”. Eager to get Jimmy to guess it right, the Jenny From The Block singer cheekily pointed to her behind so he would say “bottom”.
Not content with just showing off her backside, the mother of two also flaunted a plunging top that highlighted her décolletage.

She likes her body all right: When it came to the final roundup, the catch phrase was Bottom Line. Desperate to get Jimmy to guess it correctly the Jenny From The Block singer pointed to her derriere so he would say 'bottom'

She is confident in her body: As they neared the end of the game, the key phrase was “Bottom Line.” Eager to make sure Jimmy guessed it right, the singer from Jenny From The Block motioned to her rear end in hopes he would say ‘bottom’.

Game on: The Hollywood  icon indulged her playful side as she and actor Anthony Mackie faced off with Fallon and announcer Steve Higgins for a round of Catchphrase

Let the games begin: The legendary Hollywood star showed her fun-loving side when she competed against Fallon and announcer Steve with actor Anthony by her side.

Following three rounds of the game, the singer and the host ended up losing. Later on, Jennifer showed off her lavish fashion sense by wearing a luxurious champagne-colored fur coat as she left NBC Studios.

Shimmering: The talented star showed off her perfect posture in the pink ensemble

Glowing: The skilled celebrity flaunted her impeccable stance in the stylish pink outfit.

Media blitz: She chatted up Fallon as she continued promoting her new film 

Media frenzy: Jennifer happily talked with Fallon while spreading the word about her latest movie. Known for her bold fashion choices, she turned heads on the cold New York City sidewalk. Her highlighted hair cascaded past her shoulders, complementing her bronzed makeup, smokey eyes, and shimmering pale lipstick. Despite her hectic schedule promoting the steamy thriller, J.Lo remained down-to-earth, taking time to interact with fans and snap a few selfies upon request.

Staying warm: Jennifer Lopez ramped out the luxury factor by changing into a thick champagne coloured fur coat as she exited NBC Studios in NYC on Monday.

Keeping cozy: Jennifer added a touch of glamour by switching to a plush champagne fur coat when she left NBC Studios in New York City on Monday. Don’t forget, The Boy Next Door is set to be released on January 23rd. The following day, Jennifer unveiled her latest line for Endless Jewelry, showcasing stunning gold and black bracelets adorned with yellow gold, gray pearl charms, and dazzling diamonds. This newest collection marks Jennifer’s second collaboration with the Danish charm brand Endless.

Always stunning: The LA resident had her highlighted locks flowing loosely down past her shoulders, with her radiant skin glowing as usual with bronze makeup, smokey eyes and a shimmering pale lipstick

Looking as beautiful as ever, the woman from Los Angeles wore her highlighted hair cascading down her shoulders, paired with her usual bronzed makeup accentuating her radiant skin. Her eyes dazzled with a smoky look, while her lips shimmered with a pale lipstick.

Triple threat: The singer/actress/fashion icon eschewed her usual body-hugging ensembles and teamed the soft pelt covering with a matching silk top and a pair of billowing satin pajama-style pants following a taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Multi-talented star: The performer who excels in music, acting, and style opted for a more relaxed look, pairing a soft fur coat with a coordinating silk top and flowing satin pants after appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Runway: No stranger to making a fashion statement, the beauty definitely stood out from the crowd as she confidently strutted out onto the chilly Manhattan street

Catwalk: Familiar with turning heads with her style choices, the gorgeous woman surely caught everyone’s attention as she confidently walked onto the cold New York City sidewalk.

She glows: J.Lo showed no signs of diva antics as she graciously stopped to chat with fans and obliged request by posing in a few selfies

J.Lo was absolutely radiant, as she effortlessly interacted with fans and kindly took the time to chat and pose for selfies without any diva behavior.

Making the rounds: She's been busy promoting her new romantic thriller The Boy Next Door

Going around: She’s been on the go lately, spreading the word about her latest romantic thriller, The Boy Next Door.

New bling: On Tuesday Jennifer's new collection for Endless Jewelry debuted. Gold and black bracelets with yellow gold and grey pearl charms as well as diamonds were featured

The latest dazzle: Jennifer revealed her fresh assortment for Endless Jewelry yesterday. The collection includes striking gold and black bracelets adorned with yellow gold, grey pearl charms, and sparkling diamonds.

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