Kendall Jenner bares it all in a bold tribute to Marilyn Monroe for LOVE Magazine photoshoot.

One of the most in-demand models right now is Kendall Jenner. She recently showcased her talent during a photo shoot for LOVE Magazine. The magazine gave a sneak peek of the revealing shoot on Twitter, showing the 21-year-old model fearlessly flaunting her figure in a sheer and frilly pink bra. Watch the video below to see more.

Daring to bare: Kendall Jenner, 21, flashes her nipples in an extremely sheer bra in a teaser video for her latest shoot with Love Magazine

In a daring move, Kendall Jenner, 21, showed off her nipples in a see-through bra in a teaser clip for her new photo shoot with Love Magazine. Despite the risqué outfit from La Perla, Kendall appeared confident and unbothered by her revealing choice of attire.

Covered only by a silk sheet, Kendall boldly displayed her toned body, including her flat stomach, without attempting to conceal her figure. With a playful demeanor, she playfully danced around for the camera, while being photographed by Rankin and overseen by LOVE fashion editor Katie Grand.

Katie Grand commented on Kendall’s collaboration with LOVE magazine, mentioning that Kendall had participated in the LOVE 17 launch in London, where she also photographed the cover stars. This shoot with Rankin was a first for the two of them, and they decided to create the video on a whim, resulting in a fun and enjoyable day for everyone involved.

Stripping off: The reality star turned catwalk favourite modelled an array of revealing lingerie while cutting a scantily-clad figure in the stills from her shoot

Getting undressed: The former reality TV personality who now graces the runways, showcased a variety of sexy lingerie outfits, looking sultry and stunning in the images from her photoshoot.

Cheeky! She smouldered on set as she cheekily flirted with the camera while putting her enviable frame on display

Playful! She exuded confidence on camera, playfully engaging with the lens and flaunting her stunning figure.

Covering up: Kendall was seen protecting her modesty in a rare shot as she struck a series of poses for photographer Rankin

Hiding away: Kendall was spotted safeguarding her privacy in an unusual photograph while posing for photographer Rankin.

Channelling Marilyn! The model looked incredibly glamorous as she based her look on the 50s style icon and donned elegant curls alongside a bold red lip

Embracing her inner Marilyn Monroe, the model exuded glamour with her 50s-inspired look featuring elegant curls and a striking red lip. Love Magazine got fans excited with a sneak peek of Kendall Jenner’s upcoming photoshoot by Rankin and Katie Grand. Kendall’s transformation into a modern-day Marilyn was complete with the help of hairstylist Samantha Hillerby. She rocked a pink bralet under a sheet, flaunting her flawless complexion and dramatic makeup with bold red lips and intense black eyeliner.

Preened to perfection! The raven-beauty had her short tresses beautifully styled by hair guru Samantha Hillerby

Looking flawless! Samantha Hillerby worked her magic on the gorgeous woman’s short hair, making it look picture-perfect.

Playful! The catwalk favourite was in high spirits as she jumped around in front of the camera in her daring ensemble

Covering up! Kendall wore a silk sheet around her shoulders but didn't seem fazed about covering up for most of the shoot

Full of energy and joy, the model strutted down the runway with confidence, showcasing her bold outfit while playfully leaping in front of the photographer’s lens.

All smiles! Kendall was more than happy to put her enviable frame on display in her barely-there underwear

Going glam! She flaunted a flawless complexion on set while being shot by Rankin

Kendall was absolutely beaming as she confidently showed off her figure in her daringly skimpy lingerie.

Kendall’s makeup was done by the renowned celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, known for working with top models like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Cara Delevingne, Georgia May Jagger, and Kate Bosworth.
In addition to her flawless makeup, Kendall also had a striking red manicure done by Chisato Yamamoto to match her lipstick.
Completing her look with a standout Chanel pearl necklace, Kendall playfully adjusted her jewelry while posing for the camera, flashing a bright smile over her shoulder in one of the shots.

Flaunting her accessories: She wore a statement beaded necklace which made for a playful prop during her shoot 

Showing off her accessories: She adorned herself with a bold beaded necklace that added a fun touch to her photoshoot.

Picture perfect! Kendall's face had been painted by make-up artist to the stars Lisa Eldridge - who has worked with the likes of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth

Absolutely flawless! Kendall’s makeup was expertly done by renowned makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, known for her work with top celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kate Bosworth.

Like a pro: She appeared to be a complete natural in front of the camera

A real pro: She seemed to have a knack for being effortlessly comfortable in the spotlight.

Pretty as a picture! Kendall dazzled in her lacy La Perla lingerie and a pearl Chanel necklace

Kendall looked absolutely stunning in her delicate La Perla lace lingerie paired with a beautiful pearl necklace from Chanel. She was truly a vision of beauty!

Strike a pose! LOVE magazine teased shots of Kendall's glamorous new shoot via their Instagram page 

Get ready to strike a pose! LOVE magazine recently gave a sneak peek of Kendall’s stunning new photoshoot on their Instagram page. Kendall was seen showcasing a variety of lingerie pieces, as well as rocking a 50s-inspired cut-out outfit by Miu Miu and a gorgeous Humphrey Butler diamond tiara. In another shot, she showed off her runway skills while covered up in a William Vintage YSL dress and a matching fedora hat from Lock & Co.

Switching up her look, Kendall went for a more minimalist approach in one shot, opting to ditch the lipstick and playfully biting her thumb for the camera. This isn’t Kendall’s first time collaborating with LOVE magazine, as she has previously appeared in the magazine’s films and graced the covers of two of its issues.

Model behaviour: The beauty cut a sophisticated figure on set in a Miu Miu 50s inspired costume

The model exuded elegance during the photoshoot, rocking a chic Miu Miu outfit that had a 50s flair.

Pretty as a princess! Kendall looked sensational as she donned a crown and 50s inspired swimsuit

Pretty as a princess! Kendall looked sensational as she donned a crown and 50s inspired swimsuit

Kendall looked absolutely stunning, like royalty, as she adorned herself with a sparkling Humphrey Butler diamond tiara.

Catwalk siren! She wasn't afraid to pull a slew of sultry poses while on set

Fearlessly strutting down the catwalk, she confidently struck a series of alluring poses during her time on set.

Covering up: Kendall stunned in a more minimalist shot while wearing a William Vintage YSL dress and matching fedora hat from Lock & Co

Outfit choice: Kendall looked absolutely stunning in a simple yet striking photograph, wearing a vintage YSL dress from William Vintage paired with a matching fedora hat from Lock & Co.

Natural beauty: She showcased her natural beauty as she proved she doesn't always need a dramatic make-up look to stun on camera

Her natural beauty shone through as she demonstrated that she can wow on camera without needing an extravagant makeup routine.

Seasoned film star: It's not the first time Kendall has teamed up with LOVE, as she has regularly featured in the magazine's film releases, as well as two cover issues

Seasoned film star: It's not the first time Kendall has teamed up with LOVE, as she has regularly featured in the magazine's film releases, as well as two cover issues

Experienced actress: Kendall has a history of collaborating with LOVE, having appeared in their film releases and gracing two cover issues. Most recently, she returned to television screens in the newest season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In a recent episode, viewers saw Kendall’s sister Kim revisit the traumatic robbery she experienced in Paris during Fashion Week. Kim tearfully expressed the frustration of being judged by the public, while her sister Khloe found her still in distress. Khloe offered words of comfort, recognizing the lasting impact of such a terrifying event.

'It just really sucks...': Viewers recently saw Kim Kardashian react to claims the robbery she was victim to in Paris had been 'fake' during an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

‘I sympathized with him’: Kendall opened up about her encounter with a man attempting to break into her home, sharing how she felt sorry for him due to his struggles with mental health issues.

'I felt bad for him': Kendall, meanwhile, spoke about her troubles with a man who had tried to break into her house and admitted she sympathised with him as he had mental health issues

Kendall shared her experience dealing with a man attempting to break into her home, expressing empathy towards him due to his mental health issues. Despite facing skepticism from others, she extended a restraining order against him for five years in court. Kendall opened up about feeling anxious while testifying and admitted to feeling sorry for the man after learning about his struggles. She shared with her father, Caitlyn Jenner, how she found the situation saddening and nearly cried due to her compassion for him.

'It was really sad': The reality star also spoke of her anxiety as she headed to court to get a restraining order against the man

‘It was quite heartbreaking’: The reality TV personality opened up about her feelings of fear and uncertainty as she prepared to go to court in order to obtain a restraining order against the individual.

Family support: She confided in her father Caitlyn Jenner about the ordeal

Family backing: She opened up to her dad, Caitlyn Jenner, about the difficult situation.

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