Kendall Jenner dazzles in chic mini dress at Calvin Klein runway event, flaunting her elegant style and striking pose

She has dedicated a significant amount of time observing fashion shows, almost matching the time she spends strutting on the catwalk herself. On Thursday, Kendall Jenner appeared relaxed and at ease as she attended one of the final shows of New York Fashion Week as a spectator. The 19-year-old, who recently landed a role as one of the new models for Calvin Klein’s underwear line, showed her support for the fashion brand as they revealed their latest Spring/Summer collections.

Peekaboo! Kendall Jenner showcased her lithe legs and decolletage in a keyhole mini dress at the Calvin Klein show on Thursday

Hey there! Kendall Jenner flaunted her slim legs and neckline in a cute keyhole mini dress at the Calvin Klein show last Thursday. Rocking a burnt orange and black leather mini dress, she sat among some of the fashion industry’s top influencers. Kendall’s long, slim legs were accentuated by a pair of stylish black sandals, and her brunette hair flowed loosely around her face.

Watching and doing: The 19-year-old has spent as much time watching the catwalk as she had on it at NYFW

Observing and participating: The teenager devoted equal amounts of time to observing the catwalk as she did strutting on it at NYFW.

Relaxed do: The reality star wore her long locks down for the show

Relaxed do: The reality star wore her long locks down for the show

In a casual manner, the TV personality opted to wear her flowing hair loose during the television appearance.

Unfinished cool: Her frock featured a distressed hem which grazed her thighs

Not quite finished: The dress she wore had a unique touch with its frayed hemline skimming just above her knees.

With the fashion crowd: She held her own sitting alongside American Vogue's Editor-in-Chief and Conde Nast Artistic Director Anna Wintour and Creative Director Grace Coddington

Rubbing elbows with fashion elites, Kendall confidently took her seat next to the iconic Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington at the event. With striking deep plum nail polish on her fingers, she opted for a more natural makeup look, enhancing her features with subtle lip color and eye makeup. Her dress featured a unique unfinished hem that skimmed her thighs and a daring circular keyhole neckline that revealed her choice to go braless. Kendall’s presence in the front row was as commanding as ever, holding her own among the industry’s top figures.

Arriving at the show, Kendall confidently made her way into the venue with her head held low, exuding a sense of style and grace.

Combination: Her plum coloured nail varnish could be seen which set off the burnt orange in her dress 

Her nails painted in a deep plum shade complemented the burnt orange hue of her dress, making a stylish statement. Kendall has graced the runways for various fashion houses, strutting her stuff in their Spring/Summer collections. From Givenchy to Diane von Furstenberg and Michael Kors, she has confidently showcased their designs. In February, she made waves at fashion shows for top designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Alexander Wang, Donna Karan, Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Oscar de la Renta, and Michael Kors.

Angelic: Calvin Klein went for ethereal designs in the latest collection

Calvin Klein opted for heavenly and graceful designs in their most recent collection.

Soft and subtle: There were pastel shades featuring in the colour palette

Soft and striking: The color scheme included soft pastel tones mixed with striking black silk pieces.

One of the factors that influenced her decision to be more selective was definitely her jam-packed schedule.

She kicked off the week by unveiling her app and website, a joint venture with her sisters Khloe, Kim, Kylie, and Kourtney.

She was also present in the crowd to witness the debut of Kanye West’s Yeezy II collection, which featured her younger sister Kylie strutting down the runway.

Draw card: Also in the audience was Zoe Kravitz, who appeared to be wearing a design for the latest collection

In the crowd, Zoe Kravitz caught everyone’s eye as she sported a chic outfit from the newest collection. Her elegant silk dress cascaded down to the floor with a stylishly frayed hem. Completing the look was a sleek white clutch in hand and a pair of stylish strappy white sandals adorning her feet.

Frayed: The simple silk dress fell to her ankles with a distressed hem

Worn Out: The plain silk gown hung loosely to her feet with a tattered edge. Kendall seemed to have a break from her busy fashion show schedule and was spotted having some fun with her sister Kylie’s boyfriend, Tyga. He shared a picture of her on his Instagram, goofing around with his friends. Dressed in a black crochet bandeau outfit, she appeared to be having a great time. Despite this, some of his followers were not happy, commenting, ‘GET KENDALL OUT OF THERE NOOWWWWW (sic)’.

Time to party: With what appeared to be her last commitment of Fashion Week over, Kendall joined up with some of Tyga's crew - her sister Kylie's boyfriend

Party time: After finishing what seemed to be her final Fashion Week event, Kendall hung out with Tyga’s entourage, who happens to be the boyfriend of her sister Kylie.

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