Kendall Jenner Flaunts Her Cheeky Side in Thong Bikini on Yacht Getaway with Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey in Cabo San Lucas

Kendall Jenner recently flaunted her impressive figure in a small, snake-print bikini during a fun-filled vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with friends Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey. The trio enjoyed the sunny weather on a luxurious yacht in the Pacific Ocean, with Kendall looking carefree and joyful.

Even though her boyfriend, Bad Bunny, wasn’t on the trip, Kendall was seen having a great time sipping drinks and creating TikTok videos with her friends. The 27-year-old model, who started her career walking for Marc Jacobs at just 18 years old, took a refreshing dip in the water and confidently climbed back onto the yacht, playfully showing off her barely-covered backside.

Hailey opted for a light blue swimsuit and a gold ‘B’ necklace for the outing, while Harvey stood out in a vibrant orange bikini top and white bottoms. The group seemed to be making the most of their vacation with lots of laughter and fun memories.

Relaxed: As she cruised around the the Pacific Ocean on a stunning yacht with her pals, the supermodel, 27, appeared to be having the time of her life

Life of the party: While her boyfriend, Bad Bunny, was not pictured on the trip, the reality star was seen letting loose as she enjoyed a few drinks and filmed some TikToks

Unwinding on a getaway in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Kendall Jenner proudly flaunted her stunning figure in a stylish snake-print bikini, enjoying some quality time with her close pals Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey.

Looking good! As she confidently climbed back up the yacht's ladder, the 818 Tequila founder made sure to flash her cheeky backside, which were barely covered by her pert derrière

Looking fabulous! After confidently climbing back up the ladder of the yacht, the founder of 818 Tequila made sure to give a cheeky glimpse of her barely-covered backside. The ladies captured their fun moments on social media by sharing a video of Jenner treating them to a taste of her 818 Tequila on TikTok. Using a popular sound from the show The Kardashians, the reality star recreated a scene where Scott Disick delivers a funny line to Kris Jenner. In the original scene, Scott curtly asks Kris if she wants a drink, cutting her off when she tries to explain. Kendall recreated the scene by miming along with Scott’s voice, playfully offering a drink. The clip switches between the ladies as they play the roles of Kris and respond with a ‘yes.’ Kendall, rocking a white and blue dress over her bikini top, delivers the punchline. Lori chimes in next, echoing Kris’ response, followed by Hailey, looking stunning in a blue and white bikini. Her wet blonde hair and black shades added to her glam beach look.

Adventurous: At one point, the catwalk queen, who made her runway debut at age 18 for Marc Jacobs, took a dip in the water

Bold and daring: There was a moment when the runway star, who first strutted her stuff for Marc Jacobs at just 18 years old, decided to go for a swim in the water.

Cooling off: The younger sister of Kim Kardashian was seen rinsing off in an outdoor shower

Taking a breather: Kim Kardashian’s little sister was spotted refreshing herself under an open-air shower.

Best friends: For their latest excursion, Hailey Bieber wore a light blue two-piece

Casual: For her latest excursion, Hailey, 26, wore a thong bikini and gold 'B' necklace

Close pals: During their most recent adventure, Hailey Bieber sported a chic light blue matching top and bottom ensemble.

Chatting away: Jenner and Bieber were seen catching as they soaked up the sun together

Having a good old chat: Jenner and Bieber were spotted conversing and enjoying the sunny weather together.

Making a splash: The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum dipped her long legs in the glistening ocean as she sat down on the edge of the yacht's ladder

Getting some attention: The former star of the reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians decided to cool off by dipping her lengthy legs into the sparkling sea while perched on the yacht’s ladder.

Natural beauty: The Los Angeles native made the most of her time with friends while spending some rare time away from her beau

Embracing the beauty of nature, the woman from Los Angeles enjoyed quality moments with her friends during a well-deserved break from her romantic partner.

Casual: For her latest excursion, Hailey, 26, wore a light blue two-piece and gold 'B' necklace

Informal: Hailey, who is 26 years old, sported a light blue two-piece outfit and accessorized with a gold necklace featuring the letter ‘B’ during her most recent outing.

Cheers! Jenner passed around a bottle of her 818 Tequila to her friends

Cheers! Jenner shared her 818 Tequila with her friends, while Lori rocked a stylish swimsuit paired with gold hoops and sunglasses. Justine Skye looked effortlessly fashionable in a gingham bikini adorned with strawberries.

On Instagram, Kendall flaunted her model physique in a stunning brown and black bikini. Recently, she made a stylish entrance at a party for her tequila brand 818, named after her hometown area code, in a revealing see-through dress.

To celebrate the brand’s special holiday on August 18th, Kendall marked the occasion for the third time this year. Despite facing accusations of cultural appropriation, she successfully launched 818 in May 2021.

During a recent outing at Mon Ami in Santa Monica, Kendall enjoyed a meal with friends and her 818 Tequila team, sipping on various 818 Tequila cocktails like the Santorini and La Provençal. The tequila, produced in Jalisco, Mexico, has received numerous blind tasting awards and is made sustainably using traditional methods.

Featuring four variations including Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and the ultra-premium Eight Reserve by 818, this tequila is meticulously crafted for connoisseurs to savor.

Jenner treated her loved ones to a taste of her 818 Tequila

Jenner gifted her family and friends with a sampling of her 818 Tequila.

Wow: Kendall also showed off her supermodel figure wearing a tiny brown and black bikini

Impressive: Kendall flaunted her supermodel physique in a small brown and black swimsuit.

Rinsing off: The Vogue cover girl washed off in an outdoor shower

Getting clean: The model featured on the cover of Vogue cleansed herself in an open-air shower.

Models: Harvey, also 26, commanded attention in a bright orange bikini top and white bottoms

Harvey, at the age of 26, stood out in a vibrant orange bikini top paired with white bottoms, grabbing everyone’s gaze.

Girl gang: The models partied away on a rented yacht

Double take: Bieber pointed to Harvey at something in the crystal clear water

Group of female friends: The models enjoyed a lively gathering on a chartered boat.

Tiny tattoos: A number of Bieber's tiny pieces of ink were visible, including the phrase

Small tattoos: Bieber showed off several small tattoos, one of which is the phrase ‘coeur d’Alene,’ translating to ‘heart of Alene’ in French.

Cute accessories: Bieber later wore a blue cowboy hat with a daisies on it

Adorable additions: Bieber was spotted sporting a charming blue cowboy hat adorned with delicate daisies.

Mingling: After going in the water, the friends lounged on chairs

Socializing: Following a dip in the water, the group of friends relaxed on sun loungers.

Model squad: Justine Skye (R) was also present

Group of models: Justine Skye (R) made an appearance as well

Sun-kissed: Jenner adjusted her bikini top to prevent from getting tan lines

Under the warm rays of the sun, Jenner made sure to readjust her bikini top to avoid any unwanted tan lines.

Drinking buddy: Jenner and Bieber seemed inseparable as they sat side-by-side

Drinking partners: Jenner and Bieber appeared to be joined at the hip as they lounged together.

Taking pictures: Jenner snapped a selfie with her best friend

Capturing moments: Jenner took a selfie with her closest companion on the special occasion of Skye’s birthday. To celebrate her best friend’s big day, Bieber posted a collection of photos and videos on her Instagram Stories, reaching out to her 50.2 million followers. Wishing singer Justine Skye a ‘happy birthday,’ Bieber shared, ‘UH OHHHHH. ITS MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY!!!! TWENTYATEEE @justinesyke,’ on her Instagram stories dedicated to Skye’s 28th birthday. Notably, Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, and Harvey’s boyfriend Damson Idris, were absent from the outing. In her personal life, Kendall is currently in a romantic relationship with Puerto Rican rapper, Bad Bunny, known for songs like the empowering anthem Yo Perreo Sola.

Capturing the moment: The stars posted their videos on TikTok

Seizing the moment: The celebrities shared their video clips on TikTok.

Skye, 28, looked chic in a gingham patterned bikini featuring strawberries

At 28 years old, Skye was rocking a stylish gingham bikini adorned with cute strawberries.

Beaming: Bieber looked radiant as she smiled and took in the breathtaking views

Glowing with joy, Bieber’s face lit up as she beamed with a smile, savoring the stunning scenery all around her.

Creating content: The group filmed videos, which they later uploaded to TikTok

The team recorded videos that were then shared on TikTok.

Texting away: The models made sure to capture their trip by recording them

Chatting non-stop, the models preserved their journey by documenting every moment.

Yacht party: Bieber put her abs on full display as she enjoyed her time yachting around Cabo San Lucas

Yacht soiree: Bieber flaunted her toned abs while having a blast cruising around Cabo San Lucas on a luxurious yacht.

Vacation mode: Harvey looked relaxed as she hung out with her friends

On holiday mode: Harvey appeared at ease while chilling with her pals.

Fun: Jenner, Bieber, Harvey and Skye rented out the beautiful yacht (seen above) for the day

Fun: Jenner, Bieber, Harvey, and Skye treated themselves to a day of luxury by renting out a stunning yacht for their enjoyment.

Tequila mogul: Jenner poured her friends drinks

Tequila queen: Jenner served up drinks for her friends

Silly side: Bieber participated in one of Jenner's TikTok videos

Funny fact: Bieber made a special appearance in Jenner’s TikTok video. Despite being spotted together on numerous dates, both have decided to stay mum about their relationship in public.

During a recent chat with WSJ Magazine, Kendall played the silent card when asked about Bad Bunny. However, she did share some insight into her low-key approach to love, which has included romances with Blake Griffin and Devin Booker.

Kendall likes to maintain a “sweet spot” between privacy and intimacy when it comes to her personal life, as she revealed in the interview.

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