Kendall Jenner flaunts her curves in a sizzling thong bikini aboard a yacht during a fun getaway with besties Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey in Cabo San Lucas

Kendall Jenner flaunted her amazing figure in a small snake-print swimsuit while on a getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with her close friends Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey. The supermodel, 27, looked to be enjoying herself as she sailed around the Pacific Ocean on a luxurious yacht with her friends. Even though her boyfriend Bad Bunny wasn’t there, Kendall was seen having a great time relaxing, having some drinks, and creating TikTok videos. During one moment, the runway star took a swim in the ocean. As she confidently climbed back onto the boat using the ladder, the 818 Tequila creator made sure to show off her cheeky backside, barely covered by her perky behind. Hailey, 26, sported a light blue two-piece and a gold ‘B’ necklace for the trip, while Harvey, also 26, grabbed attention in a bright orange bikini top paired with white bottoms.

Relaxed: As she cruised around the the Pacific Ocean on a stunning yacht with her pals, the supermodel, 27, appeared to be having the time of her life

Life of the party: While her boyfriend, Bad Bunny, was not pictured on the trip, the reality star was seen letting loose as she enjoyed a few drinks and filmed some TikToks

Unwinding: Kendall Jenner flaunted her amazing figure in a small, snake-patterned swimsuit while enjoying a getaway with her close pals Hailey Bieber and Lori Harvey in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico last Thursday.

Looking good! As she confidently climbed back up the yacht's ladder, the 818 Tequila founder made sure to flash her cheeky backside, which were barely covered by her pert derrière

“Rocking it! With confidence, the founder of 818 Tequila gracefully ascended the yacht’s ladder, showcasing her cheeky posterior barely covered by her perky backside. The ladies captured their adventures on social media, sharing a TikTok video featuring Jenner treating them to a taste of her renowned tequila. Using a popular soundbite from the Kardashian family show, the clip humorously mirrors a scene where Scott Disick delivers a blunt one-liner to Kris Jenner. Mimicking the conversation, Kendall playfully mouths Scott’s question as she offers a drink, followed by the other women playing the roles of Kris in the hilarious exchange. Kendall, sporting a white and blue ensemble over her bikini top, delivers Scott’s line with comedic flair, while Lori and Hailey, clad in stylish swimwear, enthusiastically respond to the offer. A perfect day on the water, Hailey’s blonde locks glistening from the ocean, complemented by chic black shades shielding her eyes from the sun’s glare.”

Adventurous: At one point, the catwalk queen, who made her runway debut at age 18 for Marc Jacobs, took a dip in the water

Feeling the urge for excitement: There was a moment when the supermodel, who strutted her stuff on the catwalk for the first time at 18 for Marc Jacobs, decided to take a spontaneous swim in the water.

Cooling off: The younger sister of Kim Kardashian was seen rinsing off in an outdoor shower

Chilling out: Kim Kardashian’s younger sister was spotted showering outdoors to cool off.

Best friends: For their latest excursion, Hailey Bieber wore a light blue two-piece

Casual: For her latest excursion, Hailey, 26, wore a thong bikini and gold 'B' necklace

Close friends: During their most recent outing, Hailey Bieber sported a chic light blue ensemble consisting of a two-piece outfit.

Chatting away: Jenner and Bieber were seen catching as they soaked up the sun together

Having a lively conversation: Jenner and Bieber were spotted chatting under the sun as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Making a splash: The Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum dipped her long legs in the glistening ocean as she sat down on the edge of the yacht's ladder

Getting wet: The former star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians casually dangled her legs into the shimmering sea while perched on the yacht’s ladder.

Natural beauty: The Los Angeles native made the most of her time with friends while spending some rare time away from her beau

Enjoying the beauty of nature, the woman from Los Angeles took advantage of her time with friends during a break from her significant other.

Casual: For her latest excursion, Hailey, 26, wore a light blue two-piece and gold 'B' necklace

Informal: Hailey, who is 26 years old, sported a light blue two-piece outfit and accessorized with a gold necklace featuring the letter ‘B’ on her most recent outing.

Cheers! Jenner passed around a bottle of her 818 Tequila to her friends

Cheers! Jenner was sharing her 818 Tequila with friends, while Lori was looking stylish in a flirty swimsuit with gold hoops and shades. Justine Skye was rocking a chic gingham patterned bikini with strawberries. Kendall also showed off her supermodel figure in a tiny brown and black bikini on her Instagram account.

Last week, Kendall showcased her supermodel physique in a clinging see-through dress as she made her way to Delilah in West Hollywood for a party in support of her tequila brand 818, inspired by the area code of her hometown.

August 18th marked the brand’s namesake holiday – 8/18 – which Kendall celebrated for the third time this year. Despite facing backlash for cultural appropriation, Kendall launched 818 in May 2021 and has since garnered numerous awards for her tequila.

Recently, Kendall donned a chartreuse green sleeveless dress while dining at Mon Ami in Santa Monica with friends and her 818 Tequila team. They enjoyed a variety of 818 Tequila cocktails, including Santorini, La Provençal, 818 Negroni, and Eight Reserve by 818 neat pours.

Made using traditional techniques in Mexico, 818 Tequila has received 43 blind tasting awards from 12 major competitions. This tequila, crafted from Weber Blue agaves and sustainably produced, features four variations – Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and the latest addition, Eight Reserve by 818, an ultra-premium Añejo Reserve, meticulously designed for connoisseurs.

Jenner treated her loved ones to a taste of her 818 Tequila

Jenner shared her favorite 818 Tequila with her friends and family as a special treat.

Wow: Kendall also showed off her supermodel figure wearing a tiny brown and black bikini

Impressive: Kendall flaunted her supermodel physique in a small brown and black bikini.

Rinsing off: The Vogue cover girl washed off in an outdoor shower

Getting clean: The model on the cover of Vogue took a refreshing shower outdoors.

Models: Harvey, also 26, commanded attention in a bright orange bikini top and white bottoms

Harvey, who is also 26 years old, stood out in a vibrant orange bikini top paired with white bottoms, catching everyone’s eye.

Girl gang: The models partied away on a rented yacht

Double take: Bieber pointed to Harvey at something in the crystal clear water

Group of girls: The models had a wild party on a yacht they had rented for the occasion.

Tiny tattoos: A number of Bieber's tiny pieces of ink were visible, including the phrase

Small tattoos: Justin Bieber’s collection of tiny tattoos were on display, such as the words ‘coeur d’Alene’, which means ‘heart of Alene’ in French.

Cute accessories: Bieber later wore a blue cowboy hat with a daisies on it

Adorable accessories: Bieber was spotted rocking a charming blue cowboy hat adorned with delicate daisies.

Mingling: After going in the water, the friends lounged on chairs

Socializing: Following a dip in the water, the group of friends relaxed on lounge chairs.

Model squad: Justine Skye (R) was also present

Group of models: Justine Skye (R) was also in attendance.

Sun-kissed: Jenner adjusted her bikini top to prevent from getting tan lines

Under the warm rays of the sun, Jenner made sure to readjust her bikini top to avoid any pesky tan lines.

Drinking buddy: Jenner and Bieber seemed inseparable as they sat side-by-side

Two unlikely drinking companions, Jenner and Bieber, were practically glued to each other’s side as they enjoyed their drinks together.

Taking pictures: Jenner snapped a selfie with her best friend

Capturing moments: Jenner took a selfie with her closest pal during a special outing to celebrate Skye’s birthday. Bieber also joined in on the festivities, sharing a collection of photos and videos on her Instagram Stories to wish a happy birthday to her friend, the singer Justine Skye, for her 28th birthday. Hailey expressed her excitement, writing, ‘UH OHHHHH. ITS MY BEST FRIEND’S BIRTHDAY!!!! TWENTYATEEE @justinesyke.’ Notably absent from the trip were Hailey’s husband, Justin Bieber, and Skye’s boyfriend, Damson Idris. On a personal note, Kendall is currently in a relationship with the Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, known for hit songs like Yo Perreo Sola.

Capturing the moment: The stars posted their videos on TikTok

Seizing the opportunity: The celebs shared their clips on TikTok.

Skye, 28, looked chic in a gingham patterned bikini featuring strawberries

At 28 years old, Skye sported a stylish gingham bikini with a fun strawberry pattern.

Beaming: Bieber looked radiant as she smiled and took in the breathtaking views

Glowing with joy, Bieber appeared radiant as she grinned and soaked in the stunning scenery.

Creating content: The group filmed videos, which they later uploaded to TikTok

The team recorded video clips that they then shared on TikTok.

Texting away: The models made sure to capture their trip by recording them

Texting non-stop: The models ensured they documented every moment of their trip by capturing videos and photos.

Yacht party: Bieber put her abs on full display as she enjoyed her time yachting around Cabo San Lucas

Yacht bash: Bieber flaunted her toned stomach while having a blast cruising on a yacht in Cabo San Lucas.

Vacation mode: Harvey looked relaxed as she hung out with her friends

Harvey appeared at ease while spending time with her pals in vacation mode.

Fun: Jenner, Bieber, Harvey and Skye rented out the beautiful yacht (seen above) for the day

Having a blast: Jenner, Bieber, Harvey, and Skye decided to spend the day on a luxurious yacht that they rented out.

Tequila mogul: Jenner poured her friends drinks

Tequila tycoon: Jenner served up cocktails for her buddies

Silly side: Bieber participated in one of Jenner's TikTok videos

In a fun twist, Bieber made an appearance in one of Jenner’s TikTok videos. Despite being spotted on dates together, both have chosen to keep their lips sealed about their relationship when in the public eye.

During a recent interview with WSJ Magazine, Kendall remained tight-lipped when asked about Bad Bunny, simply responding with a ‘no comment.’ However, she did open up about why she prefers to keep her love life under wraps, especially considering her past relationships with Blake Griffin and Devin Booker.

Kendall shared that she values a balance between maintaining privacy and keeping certain aspects of her life sacred, as she revealed to the magazine.

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