“Sizzling in Swimsuits: Kendall Jenner Striking a Pose Poolside in Cannes”

She arrived at the Nice Côte d’Azur International Airport with her friend Hailey Baldwin in preparation for the events surrounding the Cannes Film Festival. Kendall Jenner enjoyed her time in the luxurious French Riviera by lounging by the pool at the exclusive Eden Roc hotel with friends, including model Jordan Barrett. Showing off her toned figure in a stylish black swimsuit from Gooseberry Seaside, the 22-year-old model basked in the sunshine while soaking up the glamorous atmosphere.

Soaking up the sun: Kendall Jenner proudly showed off her enviably svelte physique as she soaked up the sunshine at Eden Roc's swimming pool on Friday, a day after touching down on the French Riviera for the Cannes Film Festival

Enjoying the sun: Kendall Jenner flaunted her toned figure while basking in the sun by the Eden Roc pool in the French Riviera, a day after arriving for the Cannes Film Festival. Kendall looked stylish in a black swimsuit, paired with red lipstick and trendy Ray-Ban sunglasses. Her hair was elegantly pinned up, showcasing her stunning features and model-like charm, complemented by a dainty gold chain. Kendall recently discussed her feelings about her sister Kylie becoming a mother to Stormi in an interview with ELLE US magazine, also revealing her struggles with anxiety. She dazzled in a fashionable photoshoot for the magazine, sharing insights about her new niece and personal battles.

Kendall was holding onto a large inflatable ring featuring the logo of the upscale resort.

 Wow! Kendall was in true relaxation mode as she slipped into the black Gooseberry Seaside one-piece while sipping wine and giggling

Kendall was completely unwinding as she put on the stylish black Gooseberry Seaside swimsuit, enjoying a glass of wine and sharing laughs.

The reality TV personality from Keeping Up With The Kardashians was showing off her slender figure in the outfit. She was definitely rocking those legs!

Having a giggle: She was playing around with a pal on the barge as they showed off their figures in swimwear 

Having a laugh: She was goofing around with a friend on the houseboat while flaunting their bodies in swimsuits.

Circle around: She was showing off her slender legs in the high-cut bathing suit.

Cheeky! As she larked around in the ring, Kendall ensured she was the centre of attention in her

Playful! Kendall gleefully captured everyone’s focus as she goofed off in the ring.
Buddies: Jordan and Kendall were having a great time together, laughing and taking a peek at something on their phone.

Cheers! The supermodel looked stunning as she raised a glass on the sidelines to her friend 

Hooray! The gorgeous supermodel exuded elegance as she toasted her friend from the sidelines.

Hooray! She frolicked in the pool, sipping away at her oversized glass of rosé.

Cooling off: She was larking around in the pool to cool off from the searing heat 

Chilling out: She was goofing off in the pool to escape the scorching sun
Playful! Showing her adventurous side, the dark-haired beauty balanced on the edge of the barge

Ringing around? She was pulling herself around the water on the rubber ring 

Floating on a rubber ring, she leisurely glided across the water.

Golden girl: Kendall gave a touch of luxury to the look with her gold jewellery 

Kendall added a touch of opulence to her outfit by accessorizing with stunning gold jewelry.

Here come the girls! She was on hand to take pictures of her pal as they frolicked on the side 

The girls have arrived! She was there capturing moments of her friend as they played around on the side.

Treading the rope: She was teetering across the barge alongside her pals 

Balancing act: She carefully walked across the barge with her friends.

Kendall, with her dark hair, looked absolutely gorgeous as she greeted her friends, making sure her hair and makeup were perfectly on point.

A new look: She later grabbed her rubber ring and a backwards baseball cap for the swim 

A fresh appearance: Afterward, she decided to take her rubber ring and put on a baseball cap backwards before heading out for a swim

Casually chatting: Kendall was absorbed in conversation while gently drifting on her float in a state of complete relaxation.

Danger zone! The group took on a perilous task as they played on the rocks ahead of enjoying a dip 

Caution ahead! The group ventured into a risky situation as they played on the rocks before taking a refreshing dip. In a surprise announcement, Kylie and her boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed their baby daughter in February, sharing the news through a heartwarming video after speculation about her pregnancy. Her sister Kendall shared her thoughts, admitting it was unexpected but beautiful to see her younger sister becoming a mother before her.

The Cannes line-up for this year features notable members of the Time’s Up movement, with jury president Cate Blanchett leading the panel. Joining her are Ava DuVernay and Lea Seydoux, who revealed her own experience with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein. The diverse line-up also includes Burundian songwriter Khadja Nin, Russian filmmaker Andrey Zvyagintsev, Canadian director Denis Villeneuve, French director Robert Guediguian, and Chinese actor Chang Chen.

Ring-a-ring-a-roses: The stunner coordinated her red lipstick with the red accents on the rubber ring 

Ring-a-ring-a-roses: The beauty expert flawlessly matched her bold red lipstick with the vibrant red details on the rubber ring.

Eek! Kendall seemed sceptical about making her way across the pole 

Uh-oh! Kendall appeared unsure about navigating her way across the pole.

Snapping away: Standing in the sun, she was snapping images of her luxury surroundings 

Capturing the moment: Basking in the sunlight, she was taking photos of the upscale environment around her. Playful Kendall had her beach attire on point, rocking an all-black outfit with a pop of color from her red lipstick and completing the look with small lens Ray Ban sunglasses.

Stunning views! She slicked her raven tresses into a near chignon at the nape of her neck to allow a full look at her flawless bone structure and model good looks. She added in a delicate gold chain 

What a breathtaking sight! She gracefully pinned back her shiny black hair into an elegant bun, giving everyone a clear view of her stunning facial features and overall model-worthy appearance. To enhance her look, she adorned herself with a dainty gold necklace.
Meanwhile, as she leisurely floated on her inflatable ring, she also captured some snapshots of the beautiful surroundings.

Making a splash! She enjoyed a cooling dip in the water as she frolicked in the waters 

Taking a refreshing plunge! She savored the sensation of the cool water as she played around in the waves.

Hello there! Kendall was having a peek out of the pool as she cooled off with a dip in the idyllic blue pool 

Hey! Kendall was taking a quick break from swimming in the beautiful blue pool to enjoy some refreshments with a friend. She had a big smile on her face as she clinked glasses with her companion.

Ooh-err! Kendall's friend was paying particular attention to her posterior as they larked around 

Oh my goodness! Kendall’s friend couldn’t take their eyes off her behind as they goofed around together.

Coming up Rose-s: She was enjoying her wine as she chatted to her friends on the sidelines 

Basking in the Roses: With a glass of wine in hand, she engaged in lively conversation with her friends, taking it all in from the sidelines.

Fierce! Her perky backside was prominently showcased in the sassy outfit that accentuated her curves.

The ring leader: The group were all looking stunning for their trip to the beach in the idyllic setting

The head honcho: The crew was all decked out for their visit to the beach in the picture-perfect location.

Kendall turned heads once again with her stunning one-piece swimsuit as she made a stylish beach appearance, stealing the spotlight effortlessly.

Here they come! The whole group were clad in trendy swimwear as they hit the beach in style 

Get ready, the entire crew is rocking fashionable swimsuits as they make their stylish entrance onto the beach.

A vision: She made the most of her endless legs in the black swimsuit 

A scene: She flaunted her never-ending legs in the sleek black swimsuit.

Legs eleven: She strutted across as she looked a vision in the simple yet stunning one-piece 

Legs for days: She confidently walked across the room, turning heads in her effortlessly chic one-piece outfit.

Nineties look: Kendall's pal went for a funky lilac two-piece with high-rise sides 

Kendall’s friend opted for a trendy lilac two-piece outfit from the nineties, featuring high-rise sides.

In a sea of white, Jordan playfully climbed the ladder while gazing into the distance. The shadow of Weinstein’s past looms over this year’s Cannes Film Festival. For years, Weinstein was a prominent figure at the event, where multiple allegations of sexual misconduct were reported. This year, Cannes has implemented a hotline for victims of sexual harassment attending the festival.

Thierry Fremaux, the festival’s director, expressed surprise at the revelations surrounding Weinstein, leading Cannes to reevaluate their practices and prioritize gender equality. Marlene Schiappa, France’s secretary of state for gender equality, emphasized the importance of addressing these issues within the festival itself.

In the upcoming weeks, the jury will view the 21 films vying for the prestigious Palme d’Or, including works from renowned directors like Spike Lee, Pawel Pawlikowski, and Jean-Luc Godard. Among the 21 films, three are directed by talented women: Nadine Labaki, Eva Husson, and Alice Rohrwacher.

Swinging around: The group were feeling particularly playful as they swung around on the barge 

Having a blast: The team was in a fun and playful mood as they swung around on the barge.

Hold on tight: She looked sensational as she larked around on the edge of the pole

Hang on: she looked amazing while goofing around at the pole’s edge.

A vision: Kendall was sure to keep the day fun-filled as she climbed up a rope ladder

A sight to behold: Kendall made sure the day was full of excitement as she ascended a rope ladder with a playful grin on her face. Playful as ever, she even gave her perky behind a mischievous squeeze while wearing a trendy high-cut swimsuit.

A friend in need... Kendall's pal was helping her rub oil into her derriere 

In a time of need, Kendall’s friend kindly assisted her in applying oil to her buttocks.

Teehee! Cannes has come under criticism for years for not selecting more women directors. Only one female filmmaker, Jane Campion, has won the Palme. Controversy has characterized much of the lead-up to this year's festival

Hehe! Cannes has been receiving flak for quite some time for not showcasing more movies directed by women. Jane Campion is the only female director who has won the prestigious Palme d’Or. The buildup to this year’s festival has been marked by controversy.

Hot stuff! The modelling duo looked happy to be enjoying the warm weather as they hit the beach

Warm weather vibes! The modeling pair seemed delighted to soak up the sunshine on their beach day outing.
All about that Jenner booty! Her firm backside was proudly flaunted in the sleek one-piece swimsuit.

Cannes has faced backlash over the years for its lack of female directors being selected. Jane Campion remains the only woman to have won the prestigious Palme d’Or award. This year’s festival has been marked by controversy even before it began.

The festival kicked off with the premiere of Asghar Farhadi’s film “Everybody Knows,” starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. However, much of the buzz surrounding this year’s festival has been about what’s happening behind the scenes.

Last year, Cannes caused a stir when they featured two Netflix films in competition, leading to protests from French cinema owners. As a result, a new rule was put in place stating that any film competing in Cannes must have French distribution.

In a more lighthearted note: She was joyfully leaping out of the water, showing off her stunning physique.

Aye aye! Kendall was larking around on the barge as they played around with pals 

Sure thing! Kendall was goofing off on the boat while having fun with friends.

Kendall looked absolutely stunning in the revealing swimsuit that showed off her slender physique.

Hot mama: She showed off her stunning frame in the swimwear 

Stunning lady: She flaunted her fabulous figure in that swimsuit.

Friends: She showed a little too much skin with the plunging neckline of her swimsuit, especially with her never-ending legs.

Ring, ring: They were checking out Kendall's phone as they snapped pictures throughout the  chip

Ring, ring – the group was gathered around Kendall’s phone, clicking away as they captured memories of the chip.

What a great pair! They looked absolutely stunning as they confidently showed off their style.

Cheeky! Another pal was looking at her in admiration as she played around 

Naughty! Another friend gazed at her with admiration as she goofed around.

What's that? They were giggling away as they sat in the sun while Kendall peeled off her glasses 

“What’s that? They were laughing uncontrollably under the sunny sky as Kendall took off her sunglasses.”

In France, a law prohibits a movie from being available on streaming platforms until three years after its theatrical release.

Due to the restriction of only being able to show films out of competition at Cannes, Netflix decided to withdraw its movies from the festival. It was anticipated that Netflix’s films like Roma by Alfonso Cuaron and Orson Welles’ “The Other Side of the Wind” would have premiered at the event this year.

Both parties have expressed some remorse over their disagreement since then. Additionally, two filmmakers who are currently under house arrest in their respective countries are also likely to be absent from the festival.

All aboard! She was careful not to fall off the barge as she wrapped her legs over - showing off her stunning frame in the process 

Everyone on board! She made sure to keep her balance on the boat while gracefully draping her legs over the side, displaying her gorgeous figure at the same time.

Cheeky! Her posterior was turning heads on the beach as she larked around near the shores 

Cheeky! She definitely caught the attention of others on the beach with her playful antics near the water.
In a delightful twist, Kylie joyfully welcomed her baby girl with partner Travis Scott in February. The news was shared through a sweet video, putting an end to months of pregnancy rumors.

Oh my! Kendall confessed: 'It’s obviously a bit weird that your little sister is having a baby before you. I didn’t expect it to happen like this. But it’s beautiful'

Wow! Kendall admitted, “It’s definitely a bit strange to see my younger sister having a baby before me. I never thought it would happen like this. But it’s such a beautiful thing.”

Lights, camera, action! The star of Keeping Up With The Kardashians dazzled in a stunning, high-fashion photoshoot for the magazine while discussing her feelings about her new niece and her struggles with anxiety.

All black everything: The sizzling look was perfect for the beach as she frolicked at the luxury location 

The stunning all-black outfit was perfect for her beach day at the luxurious location.

The festival organizers have requested special permission for Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov and Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi to attend the premieres of their films, but it seems unlikely to happen.

In the Un Certain Regard section of the festival, there is Rifiki, a Kenyan lesbian romance that has faced a ban in its home country.

Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier is set to return to Cannes after seven years, following his previous ban for controversial comments. His latest film, The House That Jack Built, features stars Matt Dillon and Uma Thurman.

Cannes will also see the return of the Star Wars franchise with the premiere of The Han Solo spinoff, Solo: A Star Wars Story, scheduled for May 15.

Pulling the rope: She was feeling extremely silly as she pulled the rope and posed with pals 

Playing tug-of-war: She couldn’t help but giggle as she tugged on the rope alongside her friends in a playful pose.

Ahoy there! Kendall was taking her business extremely seriously when she was larking around 

Hey there! Kendall was really focused on her business, even though she was goofing off a bit.

Legs like a supermodel: She stood gracefully on the sidelines, enjoying a refreshing glass of pale rose with her gorgeous friend by her side.

Slicked back: She was playing around in the water while looking sensational 

With her hair slicked back, she was having a blast splashing around in the water, looking absolutely stunning.

Stunner: She looked stunning as she frolicked by the pool alongside her pals 

Beauty: She appeared absolutely gorgeous as she playfully lounged by the pool with her friends.

Work it baby! They were all enjoying themselves on the rocks as they played around 

Get moving, sweetheart! They were having a great time on the boulders, goofing around and having fun.

A rocky road: The group were larking around on the rocks as they prepared to jump in the sea 

A bumpy journey: The friends were goofing off on the rugged rocks before taking the plunge into the ocean.

Playful: She was goofing off with her fellow models at the Cannes Film Festival.

Having so much fun: Kendall shared a picture on her Instagram story of herself with pals on Friday

Enjoying herself immensely, Kendall posted a photo on her Instagram story showing herself hanging out with friends on a Friday.

Wow: The model showed off her impressive surroundings in another snap she shared

Amazingly, the model displayed her stunning surroundings in a different photo that she uploaded.

Interesting: Kendall showed off flowers as well; it is unknown who gave her the pretty white bouquet 

Fascinating: Kendall proudly displayed a lovely bouquet of flowers, leaving us all curious about the mysterious sender of the beautiful white blooms.

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