“Strutting in Style: Kendall Jenner Shows Off Her Supermodel Physique in a Teal Bikini on Mexican Getaway”

She boasts one of the most enviable figures in the industry, and Kendall Jenner definitely knows how to showcase it when hitting the beach. The young star looked stunning as she strolled along the shores of Casa Aramara in Punta Mita, Mexico on Thursday. Sporting a stylish two-piece swimsuit, the 19-year-old epitomized the perfect beach beauty, leaving onlookers in awe. Watch the video below for more.

Showing what she's made of: Kendall Jenner was a total beach babe as she spent another day in the glorious sunshine at Casa Aramara, Punta Mita in Mexico on Thursday

Displaying her confidence and style, Kendall Jenner radiated as she enjoyed the sun at Casa Aramara, Punta Mita in Mexico. With her slender figure and toned abs, she effortlessly showcased why she is one of the top supermodels in the world. Kendall confidently strolled along the sandy beach in a chic dark teal green bikini, featuring a bandeau top and minimal bottoms.

Embracing her fashion-forward sense, the former reality TV star accessorized her bikini with a daring cage-style panel on her chest and strappy details on the sides of her briefs. After a thrilling jet-ski ride, Kendall shed her lifejacket to reveal her perfectly toned midriff with absolute confidence.

Accessorising: After emerging from the sea after a bout of jet-skiing, the stunner covered up in a straw sunhat

Safety first: She had made sure to stay safe while in the sea, donning a blue life jacket

The 19-year-old displayed her stunning figure in a chic teal green bandeau bikini while enjoying a day at a luxurious resort. Completing her beach look with a straw hat and her hair styled in a cute braid, she looked effortlessly stylish. Kendall, who was vacationing in Mexico for her sister Kylie’s 18th birthday, showcased her adventurous side by confidently riding a jet-ski in the waves. Accompanied by a friend, she glided across the water with ease, showing off her skills as a bit of a thrill-seeker. Surrounded by her close friend Hailey Baldwin and other companions, Kendall looked like a pro as she zipped around on the jet-ski with flair and confidence.

Scorching: She certainly proved her model prowess with her lithe frame on show on the sands

Burning: She definitely showcased her modeling skills with her slender physique flaunted on the beach.

Kendall rocked a cute cropped top that showed off her midsection and featured trendy cut-out shoulders, perfect for soaking up the sun’s rays. After some fun in the sun, she took a break with her friends at the beach, lounging on a sunbed in a charming yellow peasant-style top to cover up her upper body. At a statuesque 5ft 9in, Kendall enjoyed some downtime under the hot afternoon sun, chatting with her pals and enjoying the beach vibes.

Hop on board: Showing off her sporty side, the Keeping Up WithThe Kardashians star got on a jet-ski to take a spin across the waves

Jump right in: Flaunting her adventurous spirit, the reality TV star from Keeping Up With The Kardashians hopped on a jet-ski to cruise through the water.

Speedy: She showed off her prowess on the small sea-faring contraption, scooting across the sea with ease

Quickly: She demonstrated her skill on the compact watercraft, effortlessly gliding across the sea.

She's got the moves! Clearly pretty skilled in the art of navigating her way on a jet-ski, Kendall almost looked like a pro

She’s definitely got the skills! With her effortless navigation on the jet-ski, Kendall appeared to be quite the expert out on the water.

Slender: The star displayed her enviably trim, toned thighs as she straddled the yellow and white water craft

Slender: The celebrity flaunted her slim, well-defined thighs as she confidently sat on the yellow and white water vessel.

Wheeee! Joined by a pal riding pillion, Kendall almost managed to take off as she steered the jet-ski across the water near to the beach

Yippee! Kendall had a blast riding a jet-ski with a friend, almost feeling like they were going to take off as they zoomed across the water near the beach.

After their exciting adventure, Kendall strolled back to the beach, showing off her slender supermodel figure as she waded through the water, ready to relax for the rest of the day.

The group later took a refreshing dip in the resort pool, joined by a male friend. They lounged in the water, chatting away, enjoying the holiday vibe without pushing themselves too hard with a vigorous swim.

Kylie was noticeably absent from the fun day at Joe Francis’ private estate, suggesting she was off celebrating her birthday elsewhere. Hailey, on the other hand, was soaking in the serene surroundings along with her reality TV star pals for the past few days.

The daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, Hailey, rocked a classic black bikini as she and singer Pia Mia waded into the shallow water on the beach, making the most of the beautiful scenery.

Smooth ride: Taking control with her friend holding on, Kendall looked super-excited as she showed off her daredevil streak

Enjoying a seamless journey, Kendall confidently took the wheel with her friend by her side, exuding joy and enthusiasm as she flaunted her adventurous side.

Rear view: Her teeny-tiny bikini bottoms managed to stay put for the duration of her active ride out on the sea, as she later hopped off the jet-ski and flaunted her pert derriere

Back view: Despite a fun ride on the sea, her small bikini bottoms stayed in place the whole time, showcasing her perky backside when she got off the jet-ski.

And... chill: After her thrilling half hour, Kendall took some time out while at the picturesque resort, laying down on one of the sunloungers along with her companion

Time to relax: After an exciting 30 minutes, Kendall decided to unwind at the beautiful resort, lounging on a sunlounger with her friend. Keeping cool, she elevated her vacation outfit with a cute yellow peasant-style crop top, flaunting her toned midsection and legs as she strolled around the resort.

Tanning all over: Kendall - who is out in Mexico for her little sister Kylie Jenner's extended 18th birthday celebrations - made sure her figure was well and truly bronzed

Getting a tan from head to toe: Kendall is currently in Mexico for her sister Kylie Jenner’s birthday festivities and is making sure to have a sun-kissed glow all over her body.

Stretch: The supermodel and reality TV star also appeared to be pulling out some yoga moves

Pose: The supermodel and reality TV star seemed to be demonstrating some yoga poses as well.

Girlie chat: Kendall moved over to one of the loungers near to the pool for a while, chatting to her friends taking a dip

During girl time, Kendall walked over to a lounge chair by the pool to catch up with her friends who were swimming.

Stunning scenes: She didn't stay on dry land for too long, as Kendall clearly felt the pull of the swimming pool

Breathtaking sights: Kendall wasted no time getting into the pool, unable to resist its allure. She stylishly put up her long hair in a top knot to stay cool, while Pia Mia, sporting striking peroxide blonde locks, looked fabulous in a blue and white lace swimsuit on the idyllic beach. Kendall and Hailey flew to Mexico to celebrate Kylie’s 18th birthday, the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Missing from the festivities were their older sisters and their parents, Kris and Caitlyn, who recently came out as transgender.

Grinning: Kendall looked in great spirits as she sat on a floating lilo while having a laugh with her friends and sipping a drink

Smiling broadly, Kendall appeared to be in high spirits as she lounged on a floating lilo, enjoying some banter with her friends and savoring a refreshing beverage.

Slick: Her raven tresses were removed from the plait she had worn earlier on, letting them get wet and hang loose down her back

Her black hair cascaded down her back after she took out the braid she had worn earlier, allowing it to get wet and flow freely.

Cooling off: The beautiful star and her friends looked to be having a whale of a time, as they were also joined by a male pal

Taking a break: The stunning celebrity and her buddies appeared to be having a blast, with a male friend also in tow.

What's going on: The gaggle of pals seemed distracted by something while in the water

What’s happening: The group of friends appeared to be preoccupied with something as they swam in the water.

Cheeky: Kendall flashed her enviable pert backside as she went inside her accomodation to get away from the sun

Saucy: Kendall showed off her perfectly perky posterior as she sashayed into her luxurious lodging to escape the scorching sun. conspicuously absent during the group’s serene afternoon was the resort’s proprietor, Joe Francis. The 42-year-old filmmaker and entrepreneur frequently plays host to the Kardashian clan at his stunning Casa Aramara estate – where Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe indulge in the opulent 5-star amenities of Punta Mita. The lavish accommodations feature 12 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, top-notch chefs, a private screening room, a state-of-the-art gym, two pools, and a secluded beach. Freshly renovated in the current year, Casa Aramara is nestled amidst vast tropical gardens, providing a tranquil retreat for guests looking for peace and privacy.

Bombshells: Meanwhile, Kendall's pals Pia Mia stepped out into the sea to cool off under the baking Mexican sun

Meanwhile, Kendall’s friends Pia Mia decided to take a refreshing dip in the ocean to beat the intense heat of the Mexican sun.

Bikini beauties: They each looked striking in their swimwear, Pia Mia in a lovely little blue and white number, and Hailey in black

Stunning swimsuit sirens: Pia Mia and Hailey turned heads in their beach attire, with Pia donning a charming blue and white bikini, and Hailey rocking a sleek black number. The duo have been enjoying some quality time with Kylie and Kendall at Joe Francis’ luxurious Casa Aramara resort to celebrate Kylie’s 18th birthday.
Kylie has been flaunting her figure in a vibrant hot pink swimsuit with a high-cut design, adorned with ‘Body Glove’ branding. She shared on Instagram that the swimsuit was once worn by her mom Kris in the 1980s, highlighting the tight-knit nature of their family and their penchant for sharing vintage clothing.
Accompanying Kylie on her tropical getaway is her beau Tyga, with the pair soaking up the sun on the beach and cruising on a yacht. Their getaway looks absolutely envy-worthy!

Sun-worshippers: Hailey spent time helping out her friend, applying sun lotion to every inch of her body

Sun lovers: Hailey dedicated her time assisting her friend by carefully applying sunscreen to protect every part of her friend’s skin.

Keeping in touch: Pia Mia rested on a sunlounger as she looked intently at her phone, no doubt making sure to stay in contact with other friends who weren't so lucky to get to go to Mexico.

Staying connected: Pia Mia lounged on a sunbed, her eyes glued to her phone as she made sure to keep in touch with friends who couldn’t join her in Mexico.

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