Unique Title: Sun-Kissed Sensation! Kylie Jenner flaunts her stunning figure in a vibrant pink thong bikini during a luxurious getaway in Turks & Caicos, followed by a double birthday bash for her adorable children, Stormi and Aire.

Kylie Jenner recently celebrated her children’s birthdays in style. She showed off her amazing post-baby body in a cute pink thong bikini before Stormi turned five on Wednesday and Aire turned one the next day. The reality star looked stunning in her beach outfit while enjoying the sun at a private beach in Turks & Caicos. Despite rumors of a split with Travis Scott, Kylie seemed to be having a great time as she relaxed on the beach with her friend Fai Khadra and took a refreshing dip in the water.

Wow factor: Kylie Jenner celebrated her daughter Stormi's birthday on Wednesday, February 1, and son Aire's birthday on Thursday, February 2. Prior to her kids' birthdays, the 25-year-old mom of two showcased her incredible post-baby body in a skimpy pink thong bikini

Impressive News: Kylie Jenner marked her daughter Stormi’s birthday on Wednesday, February 1, and son Aire’s birthday on Thursday, February 2 in a grand celebration. Just before the birthday bash for her little ones, the 25-year-old supermom flaunted her stunning figure in a stylish pink thong bikini.

The raven haired reality star wowed in the tiny triangle top with matching bottoms as she soaked up the sun in the Turks & Caicos

Kylie, who reportedly split with baby daddy Travis Scott, lounged on the beach with her good friend Fai Khadra, before heading into the water for a quick dip

Stunning: The dark-haired reality TV personality looked amazing in a small triangle bikini top paired with matching bottoms as she enjoyed the sun in Turks & Caicos. She later showered outside to wash off the saltwater, showcasing her incredibly fit physique. Kylie’s shiny pink swimsuit highlighted her full cleavage, flat stomach, and peachy derriere. She styled the triangle top with criss-crossing straps at the front and back – a popular bikini tip for enhancing the bust. With her brunette hair flowing down her back, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul added a touch of glam with small sunglasses while lounging and chatting with a friend. To cool down, she and her companion went to the beach, where Kylie covered her backside with a white towel wrapped around her toned waist. The pastel-colored swimsuit was a switch from the black thong bikini she had worn just a couple of days earlier at the same luxurious location. Following a quick visit to Paris for Fashion Week, Kylie headed to the Caribbean for some relaxation.

Trendsetter: She wore the triangle top with the straps criss-cross on the front and upside - a common bikini hack to accentuate the chest

Fashion Influencer: She sported the triangle bikini top with the straps intricately crossed on the front and flipped upside down – a popular swimwear trick to enhance the bust.

Curves for days: She later rinsed off the salt water via the outdoor shower, highlighting her impossibly toned frame

Endless curves: Afterwards, she washed away the salt water in the outdoor shower, showcasing her incredibly sculpted figure.

The duo headed to the beach to cool down, with the sultry star opting to cover up her backside with a white towel around her toned waist

She carried a drink in one hand before holding on to her phone

The pair decided to hit the beach to relax, and the sexy actress chose to wrap a white towel around her fit waist to cover her backside.

Siren: Kylie's metallic pink bikini perfectly accentuated her ample cleavage, highlighting her flat midriff and her per derriere

Kylie looked stunning in her shiny pink bikini that accentuated her curves, emphasizing her toned stomach and perky backside. Recent reports stated that Kylie and Travis, 31, have decided to take a break from their relationship. According to a source close to People magazine, the couple has always had a tumultuous relationship, filled with ups and downs. They never tied the knot or lived together, keeping separate homes throughout their time together. Kylie tends to get upset whenever rumors of infidelity surface, and she recently spent the holidays with her family in Aspen. Despite their past splits, the source believes that this may not be the final chapter of their relationship. The insider revealed that Kylie is focusing on her kids and business, while Travis enjoys the party scene. Their differing priorities have always been a challenge in their relationship.

Focused: She sat back next to pal Fai to sunbathe together on the secluded beach

Intent on catching some rays, she reclined beside her friend Fai for a leisurely sunbathing session on the quiet shore.

Babe! Kylie sported a thong string bikini but opted to cover up with a towel for part of the time

Hey there! Kylie was rocking a thong bikini but decided to wrap herself in a towel for some of the day.

Cheers! Kylie's pal Fai enjoyed a soda as he lounged on a chair rocking short blue swim trunks; Kylie had a soda besides her as well.

Hey there! Kylie’s friend Fai was sipping on a soda while chilling in a chair, wearing some cool short blue swim trunks. Kylie also had a soda next to her.

Good times! Fai couldn't stop smiling as he enjoyed an animated conversation with Kylie

Fai was all smiles, thoroughly enjoying a lively chat with Kylie.

Relaxing and resting up: Kylie looked like the picture of relaxation as she laid back in her lounger chair

Enjoying a moment of peace and relaxation, Kylie appeared completely at ease as she reclined in her comfortable lounge chair.

Svelte: The star sat back up mid-conversation, showcasing her impossibly flat midsection

Svelte: The celebrity casually leaned back into the conversation, revealing her unbelievably sleek and toned stomach.

Chic: Kylie sported a thin gold anklet for a pop of sparkle to her beach look

Stylish: Kylie added a touch of glam to her beach outfit with a delicate gold ankle bracelet.

Nap time! Kylie looked to be enjoying a snooze session while Fai was hyper focused on his phone

Time for a little nap! Kylie was catching some z’s while Fai was glued to his phone.
Kylie and Travis began their relationship in 2017 and welcomed their first child, Stormi, on February 1, 2018.
Their second child, Aire, was born on February 2, 2022. Originally named Wolf, the couple decided to change it after realizing it didn’t suit him.
Their last public breakup was in 2019, with Kylie tweeting about their relationship even after the split.
In her tweet, Kylie mentioned that she and Travis were on good terms and their main focus was their daughter, Stormi.
On Stormi’s fifth birthday, Kylie expressed her love and gratitude for her daughter, calling her the most special girl.
She shared photos of Stormi from when she was younger as well as recent images, including snapshots from her Astroworld themed birthday party.

Happy birthday Stormi! On Wednesday, Kylie wished her eldest child, daughter Stormi, a happy fifth birthday. Stormi was born on February 1, 2018

Cheers to another year around the sun, Stormi! Kylie Jenner took to social media to shower her firstborn daughter, Stormi, with love as she turned five on February 1st, 2023.

Loving mother: The business owner expressed: ‘I brought you into this world and you have been the greatest blessing in my life. You are truly one-of-a-kind. Your sweet face, it keeps growing and changing. I have cherished loving you for 5 years and I promise to keep doing so for eternity. I’ll always be here for you, my little storm girl.’

Stormi was dressed in an angel costume

As well as posing for a photo by  greenery

So adorable: She posted several pictures of her little daughter.

Like mother, like daughter: The duo also twinned in coordinating looks

Similar to her mother, the daughter also matched her outfits in complementary styles.

Family time: Stormi seen with cousins Dream, True and Chicago

Family fun: Stormi spotted hanging out with her cousins Dream, True, and Chicago.

Having fun: Kylie also shared a video clip of them hanging out

Enjoying themselves: Kylie also posted a video of their chill session together.

Pretty! Stormi had a floral themed cake

How beautiful! Stormi celebrated with a cake adorned with lovely flowers.

Their fave: The star also shared glimpse of Stormi's Astroworld themed birthday party - a theme they had used every year

Their favorite: The celebrity also gave a sneak peek of the Astroworld-themed birthday party for Stormi, which they have been using as a theme every year. Moving on to the following day, Thursday, February 2, Kylie greeted her youngest child, her son Aire, a happy first birthday. Originally, the celebrity revealed that they named him Wolf, but later on decided to change it. It wasn’t until late January that Kylie and Travis finally revealed his new name, Aire, and showed his face to the public. To celebrate her son, Kylie shared a heartfelt video of him, expressing her love and calling him “AIRE. My son, my moon, my stars.” She described the past year with him as the best of her life, adding that he completes their family. Kylie ended her message by saying, “May God always bless you,” along with a sweet birthday wish.

Mom life: One day later - on Thursday, February 2, Kylie wished her youngest child - son Aire - a happy first birthday

The following day, on Thursday, February 2nd, Kylie celebrated her youngest child, Aire’s first birthday with well wishes.

Too cute: In her tribute to her son, Kylie posted a video featuring her son, writing: 'AIRE. My son, my moon, my stars. Best year of my life with you. You complete us my angel. Mommy loves you. Happy 1st birthday. May God always bless you.;' Stormi and Aire pictured

Absolutely adorable: Kylie shared a heartwarming video honoring her son, Aire, with a heartfelt message: “AIRE. You are my everything, my light in the darkness. This past year with you has been the best of my life. You fill our hearts with love, my little angel. Mommy adores you. Happy 1st birthday! May you always be blessed by God.” The image features both Stormi and Aire.

Too cute: Kylie and Aire as she glammed up

Adorable alert: Kylie and Aire looking extra fabulous!

Sweet: Kylie and Aire seen on a playground

Kylie and Aire were spotted having fun at the playground.

Adorable: Kylie held Aire while looking at the ocean

Cute: Kylie cuddled Aire as they gazed out at the sea.

Quality time: Kylie seen cradling her son as she enjoyed some sunshine

Spending quality time: Kylie was spotted holding her son while soaking up some sun.

Cutie pie: Aire pictured in his car seat

Adorable little Aire captured in his cozy car seat.

Great mom! Kylie seen playing with her son in a sweet moment

Super mom alert! Kylie was spotted enjoying some quality bonding time with her son in a heartwarming display.

Sweetheart: Kylie sweetly held her son in another moment she shared in honor of his birthday

Darling: Kylie lovingly cradled her son during another special moment celebrating his birthday.

Peaceful: Here she is seen holding her baby boy at home

Tranquil: Here is a serene image of her cuddling her infant son in the comfort of their home.

Family is everything: Kylie and her son in her backyard of her Holmby Hills home

Family means the world to Kylie, as she spends time with her son in the backyard of their beautiful home in Holmby Hills.

Another one: The doting mom seen with her youngest child at the beach

One more: The affectionate mother spotted enjoying a beach day with her littlest one.

Memories: Kylie looked so happy cradling her baby boy

Reminiscing about the past, Kylie had a huge smile as she held her precious son in her arms.

Fun day! On Thursday, Kylie shared a snap of the birthday party set up for Aire

Exciting day! Kylie posted a photo on Thursday of the festive decorations for Aire’s birthday party.

Lucky! The one year old appeared to receive two toy cars and a toy motorcycle

How fortunate! The toddler seemed to have received a pair of toy cars and a toy motorcycle for their first birthday.

Details: He also had a blue car shaped cake for his first birthday

He also celebrated his first birthday with a cake in the shape of a blue car.

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